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Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard


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- Real time activity alerts via text, email, and mobile app. *Standard text messaging rates from your wireless provider apply.
- Easy Online Bill Pay - pay bills, rent, or write personal checks.
- Free 24/7 customer service.
- Your Funds are FDIC-insured through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.
- Access to over 23,000 fee-free MoneyPass ATMs from coast-to-coast. Get cash or check your balance--free of charge

Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A
APR on Purchases: N/A *
Annual Fee: N/A*
Card Issuer: The Bancorp Inc.
Card Network: VISA®
Card Category: Consumer (Stored Value)
Card Type: - Card for Bad Credit
- Prepaid Debit Card
- Tax Refund Card
Credit Needed: Bad Credit OK*


Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard as the name suggests is a prepaid card built for everyone. There is no discrimination based on credit rating and history. This allows almost anybody to have a copy of this card.

Issued by the Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company, this card only requires you to have some form of government issued identification a social security number for U.S residents.

The card isn't available to non-U.S. It's also important to know that presenting government issued identification does not automatically lead to qualification until the applicants' identity is verified.

Card members can use their cards to make online payments, redraw funds from ATMs or purchase goods and services from millions of retail outlets worldwide accepting VISA debit cards. There is a negligible minimum opening balance allowing interested consumers to get one of these without having to budget it.

Direct deposit is flexible and convenient to most card members. Card members are encouraged to refer a friend as they earn cash for this. Another benefit is a 24/7 online account management system enabling card members track spending, view card balance, charges, deposits, and relating transactions. Compared to competing debit cards, card members are not charged hidden or excessive fees on most transactions.

Offered on the VISA network, this card comes enabled with full benefits afforded visa debit and credit cards. Card members are fully insured against liability as victims of theft and identity theft. A round the clock customer support service stays awake to serve the needs of card members with support requests.

Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard isn't a credit card allowing you spend more you haven't already earned. It's a prepaid card requiring you to deposit funds before using it to make purchases. As a cautious consumer, this kind of concept could be what you need to stay away from credit cards related problems such as compiling debt and higher interest rates.

Alternatively, you could get one of these just for keeps. You don't get to earn interest on money deposited but hey, it doesn't hurt to have a little money stashed in one of these cards for a rainy day.

Other Benefits: *See Terms and Conditions
Comments: *See site for details. Please refer to
Online Account Access: Yes
Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A*
APR on Purchases: N/A *
Annual Fee: N/A*
Grace Period: N/A*
Late Payment Fee: N/A*
Balance Transfer: No
ATM Fee: $2.50
Additional Fees Currency Conversion Fee: Up to 2% of Transaction Amount
ATM Balance Inquiry (Network) - No Fee
ATM Balance Inquiry - $0.50
ATM Decline Fee - No Fee
ATM Withdrawal Fee (Network) - No Fee
ATM Withdrawal Fee - $2.50
Bill Pay Service Fee - No Fee
Card to Card Transfer Fee - No Fee
Cash Deposit - Free
Direct Deposit - Free
Expedited Card Fee - $30.00
Expedited Cash Fee - $30.00
Intl. ATM Balance Inquiry Fee - $1.00
Intl. ATM Withdrawal Fee - $2.50
Live Customer Service - No Fee
Maintenance Fee - No Fee
One-Time Card Activation Fee - None
One-Time Card Fee - $3.95-$9.95
PIN Purchases - 1.00
Paper Statement Fee - $1.00
Replacement Card Fee - $4.95
Store CashBack (PIN Purchase) - No Fee
Telephone Balance Inquiries - No Fee
Transaction Fee - No Fee
We do not offer online application for this card at the moment.

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† The information provided for Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Mar 23, 2014). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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