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Capital One Spark Cash for Business Card Review

15 December 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

People want a card that gives cash back when they make purchases for their company. The Capital One Spark Cash for Business does not have any limits to how much cash they will get back. Companies can use their reward points anytime they want to.

Businesses can apply for other cards, but they will not find a credit card that offers the same benefits that the Capital One Spark Cash for Business offers. People who want to earn money on every purchase they make with their card instead of being restricted in the number of purchases that qualify will like this card. Businesses will feel safe when they use their card, since it has fraud alerts to notify them when there is suspicious activity on their account.

Business Card Benefits

Businesses need a card that rewards them for using the card every time they make a purchase. The Capital One card gives them the opportunity to earn rewards on every purchase they make. Some benefits include:

  • Get money back from every purchase
  • Businesses can redeem rewards at any time
  • There is no cash reward limit
  • Earn Bonuses when using the card within the first few months
  • Earn a bonus when a new employee signs up
  • Award winning customer representatives to help businesses

People can start making purchases as soon as they activate their card. Every time an employee makes a purchase, the more points will build to earn cash rewards. Businesses are able to redeem their reward points for cash anytime they want. Business owners can reinvest the money into their business or buy office supplies; the choice is theirs.

This is the card to carry when traveling for business. Cardholders can get discounts from the best hotels in the country. People can also use their card to receive discounts when they dine out across the country, at participating locations. Companies can customize their card to show their business logo on the front of the card.

The Power of Visa

This card can be used anywhere in the world that takes Visa cards. Every store that has a credit card terminal accepts Visa. This enables companies to do business all around the world. The card makes it easier for businesses to travel worldwide when they want to expand their business. Companies can use their card to buy business supplies online or at the mall. The best part about this is that every purchase gives people cash back.

When choosing a card, it is important to find out how their business is protected in case of fraud. Cardholders are not liable for any fraud activity on their account. If someone has lost their card, they can call the company to cancel their card. Capital One does not hold the business accountable for any purchases made without business consent. Visa will reissue a new card to the company immediately.

Businesses who buy purchases on their card have coverage in case the items are stolen, lost, damaged, or in a fire. Their purchases are covered for 90 days, and they are replaced free of charge. People can log on to their account online with a username and password. People can view 13 months of account history and statements. Paying bills has never been easier with online bill pay.

Additional Features

Companies who have employees that travel across the country will get discounts on hotels and dining at participating locations. Every purchase they make while traveling for business increases the reward points for cash. People who get into an accident with a rental car have protection with the card's rental damage program. The program covers damage, collision, and provides loss insurance.

At the end of the year, company accountants can log into their accounts to view their Year-End Summary statement. This provides detailed transactions for every card for the entire year. The Capital One Spark Cash for Business card offers excellent customer service for small businesses when they have questions about their accounts.

Final Word

Businesses who want a card that gives them cash back on every purchase will like to apply for this card. Signing up for Capital One Spark Cash for Business Card takes a few minutes, and once employees activate their cards, they can start getting cash back on their purchases.

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