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Gettington Credit Shopping Card Review

16 January 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

The Gettington shopping card allows you a quick and easy way to pay for all of your purchases on With no annual fee, you get to choose various options to make paying for your items very easy.

Shop Easily with the Card

Whether you're shopping for electronics, furniture, jewelry or many anything else on, it's important that you have a way to pay for the card. The Gettington credit card provides you with the easy way to charge all of your purchases so that you can determine how long it will take you to pay off the balance. You can choose from the:

  • Easy Option
  • Fast Option

The easy option provides you with flexibility. You can pay the balance off in 24 months or less. This is quicker than many credit cards and there's a non-variable APR on the card. This allows you to make payments that are a percentage of the total balance so that you can easily budget for all of your purchases. Should you decide to pay more than the minimum balance every month, you can pay the purchases off even faster.

There is also the fast option available on the card. With the fast option, you will pay off your total purchase in four payments. This allows you to enjoy a low non-variable APR and avoid paying too much in interest rates.

Once you have made all your purchases on the website, you can apply for the card online. It takes just minutes to fill out and you will receive a response immediately. After you have been approved for the card, you can place you shopping cart's balance on the card — even before it arrives in the mail.

There is a comparison of the Gettington credit card in comparison to others so that you can understand just how this card measures up to others that you could apply for. Fast and easy options allow you to pay for the purchases at your convenience.

Enjoy Great Features All Year Long

When the card is used, there are a number of features to take advantage of all year long. Such things as:

  • No annual fee
  • No over-limit fee
  • Fraud liability protection
  • Online account management

Many credit cards and shopping cards charge an annual fee. The Gettington store charge has no annual fee on the account, making it very affordable. The only thing that is ever charged is an interest rate that never increases and a percentage of the total balance. This prevents any surprises from showing up on the bill each month.

There is no over-limit fee. Should you spend more in purchases than you anticipated, you will have the opportunity to pay off the amount. You will not be penalized with fees for going over the limit like other store cards.

Fraud liability protection ensures that it's a very safe card to use. With purchasing over the internet, it is possible for hackers to gain access to personal information. There is fraud protection on the card which ensures that you are never responsible for purchases made to your account without authorization. Should your card ever get lost or stolen, it will be replaced with a quick call to customer service.

There is also online account management. A username and password will be created on the account to give you 24/7 access to the account. This will tell you such information as your balance, your credit line as well as allow you to look up past purchases. Customer service can be communicated with through the online management tools. It is also possible to pay your bill online so that you don't have to write a paper check.

The features of the card are offered all year long. With no annual fee and no over-limit fee, you always know what your monthly expenses are so that you can budget appropriately. You will also never have to worry about paying for charges that you didn't authorize. This is the safest way to shop online. You also get the benefit of accessing your account whenever and wherever so that you know what you've spent and what you can spend.

Final Word

When you're ready to start shopping online, you need a card that you can rely on. The features of the Gettington Shopping Credit Card kick in immediately after you've been approved for the account. Fill out the application online and get approval within minutes.

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