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L.L. Bean Visa Card Gives Cardholders Something To Talk About

May 1, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

The L.L. Bean Visa Card is a way for fans of the company's outdoor and clothing catalog to earn rewards for shopping with the company. Because the card is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted, cash back can also be earned on all other purchases.

Store credit cards are many, but there are few that offer rewards or even the ability to use the card outside of the store. The L.L. Bean Visa Card gives cardholders the ability to earn $10 gift certificates as they earn cash back on purchases, as well as use the card outside of the store. Balance transfers can be made from high interest credit cards to this lower interest card and so much more, giving cardholders the flexibility that they desire in a store card, especially a store card from a well-known and well-established retailer.

There are a number of perks and benefits that come with this store rewards card. The most significant benefit is the money that is saved on shipping and through the redemption of gift certificates. Another benefit is the low APR and the fact there is no annual fee or many fees at all with this card.


The benefits of this card are many. Cardholders are rewarded by using their card. For instance, free shipping on orders that are paid for with the card. Even returns qualify for free shipping if the items were initially purchased on the card. Cardholders can also earn a certain percentage on L.L. Bean purchases, as well as all other purchases. More cash back is earned when the purchases are made with the company than when purchases are made through other retailers.

But although this is a card that is designed for L.L. Bean customers, it can be used to pay bills, as a balance transfer card, and much more. It possesses the Visa logo, so it is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted. This means that foreign transactions can be made and the cost to conduct the transaction is a percentage of the amount of money being spent per transaction.

In addition, customers qualify for free monogramming on their L.L. Bean merchandise, the APR is rather low if you qualify for the lowest APR, and you can do low interest balance transfers for the first six months.

Rewards And Fees

One important aspect to look at is the lack of an annual fee. In other words, the card can be acquired for free. The only requirement is that the minimum credit requirements are met. Creditworthiness also determines the APR.

Other fees include a late fee if payment is not received on time and a returned check fee if a check used to make payment is returned due to insufficient funds. This can also result in a late fee if the issue is not resolved by the due date. If a late fee is incurred, there is a penalty APR that is applied to the card and this rate could be indefinite or it may go back down after a specific number of on-time payments are made. There is no over the limit fee since the card is not allowed to be used for more than the balance. If the money is not there, the transaction simply will not go through. If you wish to transfer your balance from a higher interest card to this card because it has lower interest, a certain percentage of the balance being transferred is charged. This balance transfer fee is capped for the first six months of the life of the account.

As far as the rewards, the cash back that is earned can be redeemed for $10 gift certificates that can be used at L.L. Bean. Every time you make an L.L. Bean purchase, you are going to earn more cash back than you will with everyday purchases. In the grand scheme of things, you are saving money on purchases by being able to redeem for gift certificates.


There is a bit of history that is associated with this card. L.L. Bean was founded in 1912 and became one of the most well-known clothing retailers for those looking for quality outdoor clothing. They are known for down jackets, rugged hiking boots, and anything needed to battle the elements. Currently, their annual sales are well over $1 billion.

One interesting aspect of the card that many individuals have found beneficial is that the card now has a new issuer. The issuer is Barclays. Through Barclays the gift certificates are automatically sent to cardholders when their rewards dollars reaches $10. This means that there is no need to remember to redeem points for gift certificates. Instead, it is taken care of for you, taking away the worry that rewards will expire.


The application process is rather simple. All you have to do is apply through the website. The form is standard in that it asks for your basic information so that your creditworthiness can be determined.

It is very possible that you will receive a decision online. It only takes seconds after you have submitted the application. There are some instances in which you may need to be notified by mail, but you will typically know within 7 days if you were approved. Once approved, you will receive your card in 7 to 10 days after the approval date. From there, you can access your account online, which is a great way to avoid the paper statement and go directly to paperless. With online account management, you can view your balance, available credit, make payments, and much more.

Final Word

Overall, the L.L. Bean Visa Card is a way to get the most out of your L.L. Bean purchases, as well as have the ability to own a low interest credit card that works for balance transfers and much more.

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