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ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Credit Card


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- Get your tax refund faster when you e-file and use direct deposit.
- Need your money before payday? Get paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit.*
- Withdraw up to $300 with no fee daily at ACE Cash Express locations with direct deposit.*
- Mobile account access - available on GooglePlay and Apple App Store.
- Transfer money to another ACE Elite cardholder with no fee.*
- Always know your balance - by mobile app, email, or text message. Standard data rates apply.*
- Earn up to 5% APY while you save in an optional savings account.*
- Earn cash back on your everyday purchases through Payback rewards - get special offers and account credits when you use them.*

Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A
APR on Purchases: 0.00% (fixed)*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Card Issuer: Meta Bank
Card Network: VISA®
Card Category: Consumer (Stored Value)
Card Type: - Card for Bad Credit
- Guaranteed Approval
- Prepaid Debit Card
- Tax Refund Card
- Teen Debit Card
- Reward Card
Credit Needed: Bad Credit OK*

There are a number of unique features that make this card stand out. The first is the fact that direct deposit is free. Having direct deposit also opens cardholders up to a number of benefits, such as the ability to add no cost life insurance. It all starts with a very simple 30-second process to order the card. The form is short, but individuals can also stop in ACE locations to get the ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card instantly.

Once the card is received, it can be activated and then loaded. It can be activated online or a toll-free number can be called. From there, the card has to be loaded. It can be loaded at ACE Cash Express locations or through a NetSpend reload location. There are many retailers throughout the U.S. that serve as NetSpend reload locations. The fees to reload vary at these retailers. The card can also be reloaded through direct deposit from an employer, government agency, or the IRS at tax time, as well as through bank transfer through the online Account Center.

Once the card is activated and loaded, it is also important to choose a fee plan. The first plan has no monthly fee, but there is a charge per transaction. This small fee may add up with frequent use, so this plan is ideal for those who will not be using their cards often. The second plan is a monthly fee that eliminates the per transaction fee. The third plan is for those who have enrolled in direct deposit and it is most likely going to be the lowest cost plan.

For those that opt for free direct deposit, there are a number of benefits just for those individuals. These benefits include life benefits for no cost, which helps cardholders protect loved ones in the event that they unexpectedly pass away. Cardholders receiving regular direct deposits also get to take advantage of a small purchase cushion. This allows the account to be slightly overdrawn without having to deal with any overdraft fees. The negative balance is taken care of when the next deposit is made.

Other features to the card include Anytime Alerts via text message. Text messaging fees via the wireless carrier will apply. If cardholders refer a friend and that friend makes a deposit no less than a certain amount, then the referring cardholder can receive a credit. For those who want to go a step further and save money, a high yield savings account can be set up and monitored through the Account Center. Cardholders may also wish to transfer money to the accounts of other ACE cardholders. These transfers are allowed to be done completely free. There are even Payback Rewards, which are special rewards specifically for the cardholder that he or she can claim and use to save money. Factor in the budgeting tools and there are some rather useful features geared toward saving money.

To manage the account and view fees, the Account Center makes that simple. It can be accessed via a computer or through the card's smartphone application. Customer service is also available 24/7. Through the Account Center, free bill pay can be arranged to pay bills, the account balance can be checked, ACE locations can be found, and even NetSpend retailers can be located for reload reasons. If the card is lost or stolen, it is important to call customer service as soon as possible to report it so that, per Visa rules, liability for the cardholder can be eliminated or reduced.

As for the fees, aside from the chosen fee plan, there are fees for ATM transactions that include the card's fee and the ATM owner's fee. Withdrawing cash at an ACE location or at the point of sale at a retailer can eliminate this fee. There are also fees for stop payments, replacement cards, foreign transactions, paper copies of statements, additional cards, check refunds, and there is an account maintenance fee if the account is dormant for a period greater than 90 days.

The review prepared by . Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.

Rewards: - 5% APY while you save in an optional savings account
- Earn cash back on your everyday purchases through Payback rewards
Expiration: None*
Yearly Limit: None*
Other Benefits: *See Terms and Conditions for other benefits
Online Account Access: Yes
100% Guarantee Approval: Yes
Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A*
APR on Purchases: 0.00% (fixed)*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Grace Period: N/A*
Late Payment Fee: N/A*
Balance Transfer: No
Opening Minimum: See Terms
Application Fee: See Terms
ATM Fee: See Terms
Additional Fees  
See website for debit card fees and charges -

We do not offer online application for this card at the moment.

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† The information provided for ACE Elite™ Blue Visa® Prepaid Debit Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (May 6, 2016). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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