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- Get paid up to 2 days faster with free direct deposit
- Avoid check cashing fees and long lines - do all online
- No fee cash withdrawal from Ace Flare Bank account
- Optional Netspend pre-funded check service
- High yield saving with up to 6% APY
- Plus 0.01% Annual Percentage Yield (APY)
- Optional debit card overdraft protection
- Earn additional interest on your core flare account
- Payback rewards program

Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A
APR on Purchases: 0.00% (fixed)*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Card Issuer: Meta Bank
Card Network: VISA®
Card Category: Consumer (Stored Value)
Card Type: - Card for Bad Credit
- Debit Card
- Guaranteed Approval
- No Credit / New to Credit
- Tax Refund
- Reward Card
Credit Needed: Bad Credit OK*

The ACE Flare Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a unique prepaid card for those who do not want to spend more money than they earn. It is also ideal for those who cannot open checking accounts or have bad credit. And for those who do not want to rely on credit, the card can be used like a Visa card, but the cardholder does not spend more money than what they earn.

The card is issued by MetaBank and can be used as the ideal companion in everyday purchases, whether an individual prefers to use a card instead of cash since it's safer or if that person simply does not want to place charges on their credit card for safety reasons. The card is accepted anywhere where Visa is accepted, including international merchants. However, an international ATM fee may be applied when the card is used at an international ATM.

There are a number of fees that may occur on this card as well. There is a small fee for both signature and PIN purchases for the pay-as-you-go customer. These tend to be individuals who do not use the card often enough to pay a monthly maintenance fee. For those who will use the card more often, there is a small monthly maintenance fee. That means there is no fee for signature or PIN purchases. When the card is ordered, there is a card fulfillment fee. If the account is dormant for 90 days, a small account maintenance fee will be charged. A fee is also charged to replace the card if it is lost or stolen. The account balance is transferred to the new card once the old one is reported missing and the replacement card is ordered.

There are three ways in which money can be added to the card. These ways are by free direct deposit, visiting a reload center (the cost is determined by the distributor), and by account-to-account transfer. Account-to-account transfer has a fee when done via a customer service representative, but is free when the cardholder performs the task online.

In addition to the ATM fee that is charged by the ATM owner, there is a small ATM fee charged by ACE as well.

Due to the fact the card is insured by the FDIC, it is safer than cash in that the money is insured up to a specified amount. The card is also safer than cash in that cash that is lost is gone forever. A card that is lost can be replaced. The card also works better than a checking account in that only what is in the account can be used and nothing more, resulting in no overdraft fees.

The review prepared by . Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.

Rewards: - Earn payback rewards
Expiration: None*
Yearly Limit: None*
Other Benefits: See terms and conditions for other benefits
Online Account Access: Yes
100% Guarantee Approval: Yes
Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A*
APR on Purchases: 0.00% (fixed)*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Grace Period: N/A*
Late Payment Fee: N/A*
Balance Transfer: No
Opening Minimum: $10.00
Application Fee: $0.00
ATM Fee: $2.50
Additional Fees Monthly Fee: $9.95
Monthly Fee (with DD): $5.00
Additional Statment: $5.95
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
Application Processing Fee: $3.00
Card Replacement: $3.95
Custom Card Fee: $4.95
Account Closing Fee: $15.00
Card Reload Fee: FREE
Overdraft Fee (Optional): $20.00
Foreign Transaction Fee: 3.0%
Card delivery (3 days): $20.00
Card delivery (1-2 days): $25.00
Account-to-Account Transfer Fee: $4.95
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* The information provided for ACE Flare Visa® Debit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Apr 17, 2022). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information and fees posted prior to applying for the product.

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