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AMEX Launches 3 New Savings At Work Program Partnerships

AMEX Launches 3 New Savings At Work Program Partnerships

American Express plans to expand its already successful Savings At Work program to reach more mid-sized businesses.

To start, they have already solidified partnerships with three major brands: Dunkin’ Donuts, Box, and Sprint.

The Savings At Work program from American Express was launched in 2002 to provide a much needed benefit for developing new and stronger relationships between suppliers and the companies they supply.

In the beginning, this was a program that worked well with large corporations, providing them with discounts offered through these corporate partnerships. Now American Express is making the shift to support mid-sized businesses with this program as well. According to Joshua McKay, Vice President of Global Corporate Payments for American Express, via press release:

mid-size companies have a unique set of needs and American Express offers a number of valuable solutions and programs, like Savings At Work, that are tailored exclusively for this key group.

After 10 years of success with the Savings At Work program, “tens of thousands” of companies have partnered with American Express and, of course, many more will likely come on board in the coming years. As far as mid-sized business is concerned, there are three new Savings At Work partners leading the charge:

Dunkin’ Donuts

The big brand with the simple concept seemed to take a backseat for a little while, perhaps in light of the Krispy Kreme craze that took America by storm a few years back. On the strength of their coffee (both in bold flavor and sales numbers) and solid marketing Dunkin’ Donuts has returned as a food service powerhouse. Companies who recognize the magic supplied in combining sugary pastries with deliciously caffeine-filled coffee, then, will get corporate benefits to partner with Dunkin’. Thus, whenever a person swipes their corporate AmEx card at a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise store they will receive a 3% rebate, whether they buy one donut, a dozen eclairs, or just a cup of their famous joe.


Known mostly to IT specialists, Box is a small company that is creating a big stir in the world of content management. Basically, they provide companies with a safe and secure place to store all of their online content and data, which can then be uploaded to a cloud for management via office computer, home computer, or even mobile device.

This is, obviously, a definite benefit to companies with telecommuters or employees who travel. The Savings At Work partnership, then, gives corporate AmEx card holders a 20% discount on an annual subscription to Box; and for the record, big corporations like Pandora, Six Flags, and Crocs Footwear all rely on Box to support their data infrastructures.


As the mobile communications market continues to expand, smart telecom companies will find better ways to manage their people and data. Sprint, then, has partnered with Savings At Work to offer businesses a 20% savings on their smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, Sprint is offering a $175 credit to any customer who transfers their wireless number to the Sprint infrastructure.

More On The Way

As these companies continue to improve the AmEx Savings At Work program, more companies will join the fray. As of today, for example, the Savings At Work partnerships with Choice Hotels, FedEx, and Hilton Worldwide are all scheduled for expansion. With each of these companies, corporate account holders can expect to see bigger discounts, elite status reservations, new and exclusive programs, and more. McKay continues:

By continuing to expand our programs throughout the years, we are able to offer clients an ever-evolving suite of premium solutions to help meet their growth and expense management goals.

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