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Chase Bank Offering Better Benefits

Chase Bank Offering Better Benefits

Recent shifts in the credit card industry have motivated credit card issuers to change their policies and products in order to be more attractive to new applicants. This is what Chase Bank has done with their Ink Plus credit card.

Chase Bank has made a lot of waves in the financial industries over the past few years. Between their personal banking options and their innovative credit cards consumers all over the United States enjoy their convenient benefits every single day. Chase Bank credit card carriers, though, can now enjoy even more benefits with changes to the Chase Ink Plus credit card Ultimate Rewards program. These changes make the card more attractive to new customers and provide more value to those who are already members.

To better understand these benefits, you first need to take a look at what the card originally offered. First of all, the Ink Plus credit card has been designed to provide better access to services small businesses need to succeed. Like most credit cards, the Ink credit card offers a range of points associated with every dollar spent, points which can be redeemed later for travel, consumer, and financial benefits.

The new Ink Plus Credit Card, though, now offers as much as five times the Ultimate Rewards points than previous iterations. Cardholders, then, will now earn the most points (up to five points on the dollar) when they use their card to make purchases at office supply stores and when they use their card to pay for phone, internet, or television services. Furthermore, Ink Plus Credit Card carriers will also receive two points on the dollar on fuel purchases and hotel reservations. Obviously, these are rewards that small businesses can take advantage of very quickly.

While this accelerated point-earning structure is certainly impressive it is limited. The five- and two- point earnings rates will only be applied to the first $50,000 spent at office supply stores and travel expenses, respectively and separately. While the accelerated rates have limits, though, once you reach the limit you will still enjoy point earnings, but at a reasonable one-point-per-dollar rate. This default rate, though, has no limit, so there is still great benefit to continuing to spend on the card in order to support your business’ needs.

In addition to these changes, business owners can take advantage of other ways to benefit from Chase Cards. Chase’s premier point program, Ultimate Rewards, is available with many of their cards (the Chase Freedom card is an example of one that is not linked to the program). This means, though, that any Chase customer that has multiple accounts linked to the Ultimate Rewards program can roll their points over into one account. This makes it even easier to earn Ultimate Rewards points by using a variety of high-payout cards. This also makes it easier to redeem your Ultimate Rewards points on things like free hotel nights, airfare, various kinds of merchandise, gift cards, or even cash rebates. Of course, redeeming your points for travel will yield the best possible value, as it is with many other rewards cards on the market today.

If travel is part of your everyday business affairs, you will definitely appreciate that these Chase cards give you much more flexibility. As a frequent traveller you may have your favorite airline, and when you use this card to make your travel arrangements you can even transfer your points to other miles programs. This includes United Airlines Mileage Plus Program, Southwest Airlines’ miles program, British Airways Executive Club, and Korean Air’s Skypass program. Because each of these airlines are affiliated with other organizations, you will also be able to transfer points to Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam partners as well.

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