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Chase Waives Fees For Hurricane Irene Victims

Chase Waives Fees For Hurricane Irene Victims

JP Morgan Chase has announced that they would offer some assistance to their customers in New York and Connecticut who were recovering from Hurricane Irene by waiving certain fees between August 29 and September 4.

Hurricane Irene devastated many homes and businesses which were unlucky enough to be in her path and it may be several weeks before the full extent of the damage has been assessed. In the meantime, JP Morgan Chase has reached out to their customers in a number of ways to assist their customers both before and after the storm.

In the days prior to Hurricane Irene hitting the East coast, Chase kept many branches open later to allow customers extra time to withdraw some of their money in order to stock up on food and other supplies to carry them through the worst of the storm. A letter was sent to all Chase customers explaining the extended staffing levels and opening hours wherever possible.

The bank also informed customers that they would not be charging a fee on withdrawal made from ATMs out with the Chase network although they cannot guarantee that the bank who owns the ATM will not charge a fee.

In order to allow customers some time to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene, Chase also waived fees for overdrafts, overdraft protections transfer and insufficient funds for all customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut until September 4, 2011.

In the letter to their customers, Chase said,

We hope you, your families and your customers are safe following Hurricane Irene. Natural disasters are very stressful and we want to help where we can.

The letter also urged Chase customers to reach out to the bank if they were experiencing difficulties in their finances following the storm.

Please call your personal banker if you are unable to access your funds. For example, we will waive the early withdrawal fees on CDs to help customers with their cash flow. We hope these efforts can play a small part in easing some of your worries following the storm. We are committed to doing what we can for our customers who have been impacted.

Wells Fargo are also following in Chase’s footsteps by waiving certain bank charges for a limited time while Citibank, Bank of America and The Bank are assessing customer needs on an individual basis as and when required.

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