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Citi Goes Global with its New Website

Citi Goes Global with its New Website

Researchers and practitioners working in the financial capability field will soon be able to use a new website that has been launched by Citi.

The website has been designed as a best practice and resource center, and is aimed at including groups that work on developing initiatives such as behavior change, asset preservation and building, financial inclusion and financial literacy.

The website will give specific information about Citi’s Financial Capability programs, as well as information, reports and research from an array of global leading sources.

Users will have the option of viewing the information by region or topic as well as reading all of the most recent news from the field. There is currently concentration towards the Financial Capability Innovation fund, the Citi-FT Financial Education Summit, Child Finance International and LISC Financial Opportunity Centers.

Citi Foundation and Citi have, since 2004, invested in excess of $167 million as a part of a $200 million commitment spanning a decade, and work closely with a number of non-profit organizations whose aim is to assist individuals in a number of ways, such as how to develop long and short-term financial plans, how to increase their financial literacy, to name but a few. Their new website will hopefully further enhance the resources available to those most needing them.

Citi Foundation and Director, President & CEO, Corporate Citizenship, Pam Flaherty, says “Through Citi’s Office of Financial Capability and our new website, we’re providing a centralized resource center for the hundreds of partners we have around the globe to expand the reach of their programs and spur new innovation and thought leadership in the field.”

In light of the global economic situation, Citi’s involvement and commitment to improving the financial situation of possibly millions of people has to be seen as a positive course of action, and will no doubt be welcomed with open arms by individuals and corporations around the world. And that can only help to increase the popularity of American banks, not only in the short term, but also for years to come.

Microfinance Opportunities president, Monique Cohen, stated that “We are pleased to be part of the website launch and to be working with Citi on activities that improve financial capabilities and empower people to exercise their options as they seek to access financial services.”

It definitely seems as though Citi are looking at the broader picture and thinking about the future for individuals long-term, rather than simply thinking about the profits it can make throughout the next financial year.

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