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Credit Cards Rewards Through Tweeting And More

Credit Cards Rewards Through Tweeting And More

A. Tweeting + American Express = Savings

In a recent announcement, American Express announced the launch of its newest promotion where they collaborate with Twitter to bring the savings directly to AmEx cardholders. Cardholders register eligible cards and use hashtags in tweets to earn special offers. These special offers will be directly loaded to your American Express card bypassing the need for coupons and printouts.

Through the pairing of cardholders with tweeting vice chairman of AmEx explains,

American express is turning Twitter content into commerce by connecting Cardmembers to merchants and delivering world value to both.

B. Credit Card Applications Offered In-Store by IPad App

A new trial using an app on the iPad, allows for consumers in various retail outlets, to apply for credit cards according to the U.S. Bank. Various merchants will be provided with the IPad and the app by the bank, allowing prospective consumers to “apply for and, if approved, receive on-the-spot credit to begin making purchases and earning rewards,” according to the banks press release.

Sport Chalet outlets are currently the only stores utilizing this new trial – additional stores will be added if it proves successful.

C. EMV Chip Now Embedded in Hyatt Credit Card

For those fans of Hyatt Hotels that travel overseas, the new Hyatt Credit Card issued by Chase is bound to be a favorite. This new hotel credit card is the first offered by American’s that is embedded with an EMV processor (chip). The chip will allow cardholders traveling globally to use the card without problems, while its magnetic stripe will allow the card to be used in the U.S.A.

In addition, for the right customer, this may be the best hotel credit card. It offers generous rewards with no limits but has a $75 annual fee. It also chargers zero on foreign transaction fees, which is important to world travelers.

D. Potential for an Additional Billion Customers using MasterCard & Mobile Payments

MasterCard has visions of gaining a potential billion new customers. How they plan to do that is through mobile payments that were outlined at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Ambitious plan by MasterCard but they already have the building blocks in place. According to a press release, three existing programs are partners:

1. 87 Million South Americans will get mobile payment solutions with Wanda.
2. Boku Inc partnering with MasterCard prepaid users the ability to “make payments, receive discounts and targeted offers, and monitor spending – all via their mobile phones anywhere MasterCard is accepted.”
3. 2.5 billion unbanked will have access to financial services through mobile phones with Mobile Money Partnership Program.

Changes are coming for consumers and credit card companies.

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  1. J. Steven says: [05 Apr 2012 - 1:29 • ]

    American Express is turning Twitter content into commerce by connecting Cardmembers to merchants and delivering real world value to both. Nice information.

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