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Loyal3 – The Latest

Loyal3 – The Latest

For some time now, we’ve followed Loyal3, the company that is partnering with some of the biggest names in the business sector in order to bring the opportunity for millions of consumers to own stock in those companies. And it’s allowing you to do it right from your Facebook page.

The model, “Customer Stock Ownership Plan” or CSOP, makes it easy for every day consumers to play a role in the economy and the future of their own financial outlook. Frankly, it’s an idea whose time has come. It began with a realization that 80% of Americans had no access to the stock market. Mostly, it’s because we were confused or overwhelmed. Many believe it just moves too fast and that the learning curve was simply too complicated.

Ten Dollars and a Fast Moving Train

Loyals3 eliminates those intimidating aspects and it allows consumers to jump on that fast moving train with as little as $10. And even better is the fact that you don’t even have to bring an aggressive trader into the mix. What’s really great about this is there are so many who have great financial sense and many of our young people have a sincere fascination for and desire to build a career in the financial sector. This is a great way for them to build a foundation, but it’s also a great way for those of us who watch that ticker every day, really have no idea what it means, but want to better understand it.

Start with $10. Start with $100. Start anywhere you want. It’s really about taking a leap of faith and seeing firsthand the massive machine that drives the American economy and effects the global economy every single minute of every single day.

Consumer Loyalty and Ownership

So, now that Loyal3 has built its foundation and has adjusted to the usual brouhaha that comes with every worthy effort, we were wondering how it’s doing. Loyal3 founder and CEO Barry Schneider reiterates it’s about consumer loyalty and ownership, especially in a nation that loves what it loves – whether it’s Coke or American Express or Amazon. He has said in past interviews that it’s about encouraging individuals to to own stock and that this is what drives stability. Hedge funds and other institutions, he said, increased price volatility.

This past August, the company began its efforts. Six short months later, there’s a new phone app and it’s now gearing up for adding IPOs. And did we mention some of the biggest names in the world are now being offered? Discover Communications, Aeropostale, Inc., Amazon, Yahoo, Buffalo Wild Wings, Monster Energy Corp., and even Facebook itself are just a few of those names.

Social Technology

When it comes to anything with a financial base, you know it’s going to be a slow dance – and you know you’re not going to lead it. But that’s what Schneider embraces. For him, it’s about making stock ownership both easy and affordable. Loyal3 incorporates “social technologies” in order to “democratize the capital markets”. No pretentious and patronizing efforts from a broker, no frustrated consumers who give up because all they really wanted was to find their footing at their own pace and no fears about fee structures that are challenging to even the most brilliant financial minds.

Part of what makes this formula works is the three step process Loyal3 incorporates. With the absence of any fees and the fact that a $10 investment is just that: $10, not $13.75 and not “$10 plus” – it’s simply ten dollars.

The latest addition, as mentioned, is the Social IPO. This is an opportunity for consumers can invest in an IPO for as little as $10. It’s done in exactly the same way – meaning the same price and at the same time as big-time investors. We also like the idea of email, phone and live chat support offered by the company.

Endless Opportunities

If this is a great opportunity for everyday consumers, imagine the possibilities that it opens up for the companies we all buy and use each day. Companies are going to see a massive opportunity to build their brands. Their Facebook fans are able to buy a piece of that company right from the page. And then, of course, there’s the added bonus for Facebook itself; this is the company that has maintained its relevance in a time when other sites have either burned out (think MySpace) or simply don’t have what it takes to match the growth Zuckerberg & Co has made happen (think Google Plus). The words “win win” come to mind.

The Social Stock Plan is transformative – creating deeper brand engagement and attracting “buy and hold” individual shareholders in a low-cost structure.

With a slogan like, “Now more people can own what they love”, it’s difficult to argue the concept. According to the site, the Loyal3 platform “substantially lowers shareholder costs. All participants = 1 registered shareholder, much like an institutional investor.”

The Logistics

All Loyal3 accounts are maintained by LOYAL3 Securities and in no way solicits, recommends, or offers advice on what to invest. And, as we mentioned there are no enrollment fees, transaction fees on purchases or sales nor any minimum balance fees. You can transfer your account to another bank or financial institute. To participate in an IPO, you’ll need a $350 minimum account balance to participate and it can be used towards purchases in any of the stocks on the company’s platform. Withdraw your unused funds anytime.

The companies pay all of the fees,

Like helping to raise capital, lower the cost of individual shareholders and increase brand engagement. So, we never charge fees to users.

All orders are executed on a batch basis once daily and making your payments are easy. You can use your bank account or select an automatic monthly withdrawal. You can also use your debit or credit card and you can do it all twenty four hours a day.

If you’ve incorporated Loyal3, let us know about your experiences and if you haven’t, is it something you would consider? Let us know what you think about the company’s efforts. We want to hear your story.

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