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MasterCard Partners With Shopkick

MasterCard Partners With Shopkick

On June 27, 2012 MasterCard customers gained the ability to earn additional rewards and special offers though a new partnership with ShopKick.

This partnership links MasterCard accounts with the ShopKick network that provides benefits with participating retailers all over the United States.

Shopkick, Inc. is a startup company based in Palo Alto, CA and funded by Kleiner Perkins’ iFund, Greylock Partners, and Reid Hoffman; the same Reid Hoffman who founded LinkedIn and is a notable investor in Facebook and Zynga. This company launched their first mobile application in August of 2010, an application which provides high-profile rewards, exclusive offers, and customized deals to consumers within the network.

The network, though, is where the value resides as consumers who join with Shopkick will get access to major retailers like American Eagle Outfitters, the Wet Seal, Visa, Kraft Foods, Proctor & Gamble, Target, Toys ‘r’ Us, The Sports Authority, Old Navy, Crate and Barrel, Best Buy, Macy’s, Simon Property Group, Unilever, Intel, and so many more. Furthermore, Shopkick is the only marketing platform that is completely, 100% performance-based that is available completely free to iPhone and Android mobile device users.

All of this is possible through shopkick’s mobile shopping app that capitalizes on their patent-pending “shopkick Signal” which utilizes extremely precise location technology to detect the presence of a shopkick customer near one of their affiliate partners.

Of course, MasterCard is one of the largest global payment systems in the world. In fact, they operate the fastest processing network in the world, a network that seamlessly and efficiently connects consumers with merchants, financial institutions, governments, and businesses in more than 200 countries.

Together, this partnership unites two industry leaders in a way that is uniquely familiar and novel at the same time. Mario Shiliashki, group head of Emerging Payments at MasterCard, puts it like this:

Our partnership with shopkick helps us to continue to meet our cardholders’ demand for great deals and a more ‘rewarding’ shopping experience. We’ll be able to help consumers maximize rewards while also supporting their interests and passions, all through the simple download of the app and linking their MasterCard card. At the same time, our merchant partners will benefit from a deeper engagement with their customers.

Cyriac Roeding, co-founder and CEO of shopkick, agrees that the partnership will leverage some of the best tools and benefits provided by each of these industry leaders:

As ‘showrooming’ becomes more and more of a threat to physical stores, shopkick and MasterCard can help retailers retain customers by offering rewards for in-store shopping. Over the past nearly two years, we have expanded our partner network of retailers, brands and financial partners to create the most powerful coalition rewards program in the U.S. The addition of MasterCard significantly increases shopkick’s reach and its benefits to cardholders and partner retailers.

Getting down to the simple facts, this relationship will allow MasterCard cardholders to earn shopkick rewards when they use their MasterCard. On top of this, consumers who link their MasterCard to shopkick’s Buy & Collect program can also earn a 250 kick bonus for a limited time. Fittingly, this introductory offer is known as a “kickoff” period.

This is just the beginning, though, as consumers who link up to the Buy & Collect program will also qualify to earn more benefits through other exclusive offers. One such offer, for example, is known, simply, as “spend $40 and receive 250 kicks” which, obviously, entails that when you spend $40 at participating retailers (and charge it to your MasterCard) you will receive 250 bonus kicks. Participating program retailers include some of those mentioned above as well as Arden B.

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