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Our Favorite Financial Tweets

Our Favorite Financial Tweets

Who doesn’t love Twitter, right? Sometimes, we just throw it out there and toss out a few hashtags just to see who’s saying what. We’re never disappointed, either. We thought we’d check in again and see what’s what in the Twittersphere. Here’s a bit of the many tweets that cracked us up. And while we’re on the subject, be sure to follow us too @CreditCardsCo to get the latest in what’s what in all things credit cards and finances.

Drones and Tattoos

The first one we saw seemed appropriate since the #standwithrand hashtag was trending. And let’s face it – if what our fellow tweeter tweeted (say that fast five times) is true, then we all need to stage our own filibusters:

Drones can memorize credit card numbers. The “news” failed to mention that

We also like another fellow tweeter who’s all about making the money count:

Using my cash back bonus to pay my credit card bill #ItsLikeFreeMoney

This one just might be our favorite of the night, though. Nothing like Grandma asking you about a charge on her credit card. Most of us can recall that very moment when we realized our own granny was cool as all get-out and Ashley’s granny is no different:

My grandma saw her credit card bill…The tattoo was on there…She asked me about it…Then I showed her my tattoo, and she smiles.

I bet Granny has her own secret tattoo.

And the Best Boyfriend Award Goes To…

Now Mara here needs to enter her honey in the next “Best Boyfriend EVER” category. Looks like she has millions of reasons to do so – take a look:

Reason #3837262627 why I love my boyfriend: he just handed me his credit card and told me to book us flights for Cali in May

Ah, now see…we can all relate to Mallory’s story of her first time. We can also relate to that ribbon of terror she felt too. That said, the fact she respects the process tells us she’ll likely be quite disciplined with her finances. Take a look –

Just used my credit card for the first time…Scary scary thing to start haha

Red Flag Moment

Here’s a lesson for the credit card companies. Or maybe it should be a red flag from Harshpreet who’s already receiving statements. Here’s the tipoff – if you receive a statement and it has charges but you haven’t received your credit card, you might want to call your bank or credit card company. You might have just become a victim of identity theft. You can also check with CFPB and the FTC too for ways to better protect yourself as well as tips that help you identify a potential breach.

I have not received any Credit Card from Bank, but hey I just received my first Credit Card Statement. Wow!

Ut oh. Maybe Jessica’s mom follows her on Twitter. Enough said:

Mom said she’s giving me her credit card for spring break, oh no I will put her in debt lol #Shopping

Dana just thinks she doesn’t understand power plays. We say anyone who pays off his or her credit card is a powerful player in the game of finances. Kudos to Dana! Take a look:

I moved from coffee shoppe to hospital unit and that was my big power play. Ooh & paying off my #creditcard. I don’t understand power plays.


Now here’s a double edged sword. No truer words have been spoken, either. We get it, Sabrina…it’s a cross we all bear:

My credit card is my best friend & enemy at the same time.

Mamas Giving Credit

Here’s the think about moms, babies and credit cards – it’s tough for us to demand you define “emergencies” most likely because when it comes to our little ones, everything is an emergency. Yes, even not having enough cash to cover a pizza for our hungry college kids constitutes an emergency. Maybe it’s time Mom hooks her little one up with a prepaid debit card. Here’s what Randy has to say:

my mom gives me the credit card for emergencies…emergency 1, emergency 2.

Wow. Poor kid. No one bothered to help. No one at all:

The other day I asked for u guys credit card info to support my addiction for #bejeweled… And no one bothered to help…

Wait – here’s another kid who might need a few lessons in financial management. We know Johanna, we’re SMH too:

my stepmama should have known not to give me this credit card & go to sleep smh, oh well she finna learn today.

We love a good hashtag, especially when it sums up the situation beautifully. We have a few to suggest too, brat…I mean Mae: #imthekidwholivesacharmedlife. We like yours too but deep down we’re secretly hoping Mom and Dad saw your latest tweet:

Getting my credit card taken away during spring break and a long lecture when I go home #overspending #imabrat #sorryparents

Hey Mallory – can you please give Brat…I mean Mae…a few lessons? We love your financial discipline!

Paid off my VS card and my Kohls card. Made a payment on my other credit card, and made a 2nd savings for money to move out. # MovinUp

We appreciate a kid who’s all about physical fitness…we just wish he knew a little about fiscal fitness too:

i forgot to get moms #credit card so i could order #insanity before she went to bed

Do they have a Scared Straight Program for ID thieves under the age of 18? How about a grammar course?

Dnt let me find sumbdys credit card on the ground…Im going to straight skeem & FILL MY TANK UP & I’ve did it plenty of times it’s nothin

Here’s Your Credit

And our question of the day goes to Nettie:

How old do you have to be to have a credit card?

The answer, Nettie, is 21. The new credit card laws say you must have a co-signer or prove you’re able to meet the financial obligation a credit card brings with it.

No, Gonzalo! NOOOO! This is not good and it’s never a declaration that should be followed up with “Oh well”. You need to contact your bank or credit card company right away. Kick into proactive mode – this is not good if you just wait for it to blow over:

I lose everything, like my credit card that just got activated. Oh well.

Oh, Anne Marie. We feel your pain, girl –

Soo my credit card needs to get here already…the mall isn’t gonna shop itself

The time we could spend on Twitter doing nothing but keeping up with the latest in the lives of those who love their credit cards. Have a favorite tweet you want us to read? Don’t forget to follow us @CreditCardsCo. Tweet your financial or credit card story – we want to hear from you!

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