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Visa Launches New Security Sense Website

Visa Launches New Security Sense Website

Credit Card company Visa Inc. have issued consumers with tips on how to protect themselves against credit, and debit, card fraud during their vacations. The tips are issued via Visa’s Visa Security Sense Website.

The Visa Security Sense website provides consumers with helpful information and advise on how best to protect account information and resolve unauthorized card usage. Visa are highlighting the fact that the majority of United States credit and debit card issuers provide consumers with important protections and security measures such as fraud liability protection and dispute resolution.

While most credit and debit card transactions will be completed without any problem, Visa encourages consumers to visit the Visa Security Sense website in order to better educate themselves about card fraud so that in the event of an issue arising, they will be better equipped to protect themselves against the inconvenience of unauthorized purchases.

Aside from providing tips on preventing fraud, the Visa Security Sense website will also offer news and alerts about the latest credit card scams. Consumers can sign up to be notified of new threats as they emerge. Visa boast that they use cutting edge technology and multi layered protection for customers whether they are online or in stores. On the new website Visa urges consumers to “Shop with confidence, we’ve got your back.” Visa pride themselves on being secure enough to prevent unauthorized use of their customers credit cards, but in the unlikely event that fraud does occur, Visa offers a zero liability policy which means consumers are not held responsible for any fraudulent charges made using their credit card account.

While Visa offers peace of mind by not holding consumers liable for fraudulent transactions, the credit card giant maintains that intelligence is their best defense. Visa employs sophisticated fraud monitoring on all transactions. The moment a merchant processes a Visa branded card the company goes about protecting it against fraud. An automatic detection system scans thousands of transactions every second looking for subtle changes in consumers’ spending habits which might indicate possible fraud.

If there is something suspicious – for example a different address, an unusually large purchase or a transaction made far from home they immediately take action. In order to safeguard security, there may be a temporary hold put on suspicious charges. Visa then works with the issuing bank to notify consumers as soon as possible in order to verify the legitimacy of an unusual or suspicious charge.

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