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Wells Fargo Reveals the New ATM Cash Tracker

Wells Fargo Reveals the New ATM Cash Tracker

An ATM Cash Tracker has recently been added to the ever growing collection of Wells Fargo’s useful money management tools.

This newest tool has been designed in order to assist Wells Fargo customers manage their money better by setting a monthly target and track withdrawals from ATM’s.

More banks are starting to align their brand and the facilities they offer with the actual needs of their customers, and this is probably due in part to the surge of management tools, such as Mint, becoming available for personal finance reasons.

Within the Wells Fargo “My Spending Report,” members have the option to choose Cash Tracker which will subsequently reveal to them the total amount of cash withdrawn throughout the month. Users will also be able from there to compare the last 12 months ATM habits.

The new feature is currently only available to customers of Wells Fargo and is only capable of tracking withdrawals that have been made at Wells Fargo ATM’s, but it is thought that during 2011 Wachovia locations and members will be added.

This is the latest in a long line of Money Management Tools provided by Wells Fargo, the list of which includes:

  • My Spending Report with Budget Watch: categorizes customer transactions and assists them in tracking their spending by category.
  • Smarter Credit Center: Aimed to help customers become more credit aware, especially with regards to reducing debt, getting new credit credits and long term credit protection.
  • My Savings Plan: giving customers with a savings account a simple way to monitor their saving and work towards their personal savings goals.

Currently the new Wells Fargo ATM Cash Tracker will only work for customers online, but it is hoped that it will soon be launched as a mobile version and that all ATM’s will be able to be tracked in the very near future.

It has become apparent over recent years that more consumers want to become pro-active in the control of their personal finances and mobile and online tools is definitely a way in which they can do this.

There is a very real need for tools such as the ATM Cash Tracker, as Wells Fargo has realized, as it certainly helps not only consumers, but banks, to keep ahead of the curve and hopefully stay ahead of debt too. Wells Fargo has in excess of $1 trillion in assets, and it is good to see them putting some of that money to good use by developing tools that actually help and not hinder consumers.

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