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Credit One Bank Unsecured Visa Credit Card


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- Interested in growing or rebuilding your credit? We report monthly payment activity to all three major credit bureaus to help keep your credit score up-to-date. You'll also receive free online access to your credit score and credit report summary from Experian.
- See if you're Pre-Qualified in less than 60 seconds.
- This is a fully functional, unsecured credit card - not a debit, prepaid, or secured card. No need to load funds or tie up cash in deposits. There are no out-of-pocket costs to open your account.
- Automatically get 1% cash back on eligible purchases, terms apply.
- Choose your monthly payment due date for added convenience, terms apply.

Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A
APR on Purchases: 17.49% - 25.49% (V) *
Annual Fee: $0 - $99*
Card Issuer: Credit One Bank®
Card Network:
Card Category: Consumer (Premium)
Card Type: - Card for Bad Credit
- Instant Decision Card
Credit Needed: Fair*

Few of today's credit cards can offer what the Credit One® Card with 1% Cash Back on Eligible Purchases delivers. With a fast approval - usually less than two minutes, the option to review all of the credit card offers you qualify for and a low annual membership fee, this credit card is all about the prequalification and convenience. This Visa platinum card offers many benefits for those looking for a better way of budgeting, saving and planning for the future.

This Credit One® Platinum Card for fair credit is ideal for a number of reasons. First, it focuses on the needs of today's modern consumer: it's all about quick turnarounds, great benefits, competitive rates and of course, the all important safety features. While there are many customers who have strong credit, it's also a great choice for younger consumers looking to get their credit established in preparation for those milestones, such as buying a home. There's no enrollment fee, either. The fact that it's a Visa ensures that you enjoy the same global recognition and brand recognition consumers have counted on for years.

Once you're approved, you'll enjoy a minimum credit line of $300 with increments added with time. Another great benefit is the 1 percent cash back rewards on gas. They'll show up on your statement as a credit, which you can then use to reduce your balance if you choose.

Did we mention that that you can get preapproved without it affecting your credit? We all know people who apply for a card, discover they're approved only to learn that the terms and conditions aren't acceptable. Once their credit's been checked and the credit card is issued, it's too late to keep it from affecting, even temporarily, one's credit.

If your Visa Platinum is ever lost or stolen, or if fraudulent transactions appear, you won't be liable to pay a single dollar. Did you know you can also select your payment due date? This benefit helps with reducing late payments. You can set up payment reminder alerts, as well. You can change your payment due date once every 6 months.

With this Visa, comes travel accident insurance when you're on the road as well as auto rental collision insurance if you ever need to rent a car. We all know how frustrating it is to make a miscalculation, temporarily go over our credit line only to be hit with a massive fee on our next month's statement. With this Visa, there is no over-the-limit fee. Most credit card networks charge at least $35 as their over the limit fees. Remember, if you want to avoid paying high-interest rates, you should make sure to pay your bills on time every month. While the absence of the over the fee limit is a great convenience, it's a difficult habit to break once you've grown accustomed to it.

The Visa family of credit cards all come with easy sign up processes and fast responses. It's just part of what makes Visa the global brand that dominates this industry. You'll travel with more confidence knowing there are many complimentary benefits that make you feel as though someone's always looking out for you.

There is an annual fee and you'll have the opportunity to review the annual fee, as well as any other fees, before you agree to accept the offer. Visa, known for its safety, global recognition and commitment to the financial sector, connects merchants, governments, consumers and banks with a family of financial products, including traditional credit cards, prepaid financial products and a host of other credit tools.

If you're ready for Platinum Status, unlimited cash back on groceries and gas, automatic credit line increases, zero dollar fraud liability and consistent updates to all the major credit bureaus, this is the Visa you've been waiting for.

As always, be sure to carefully review the terms and conditions before applying and once you've received your offers, you'll want to carefully consider them as well. With the power of Visa, Credit One Bank® and the backing of FDIC, you're in good hands. The customer service team is always available to answer questions or provide guidance.

The review prepared by . Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.

Reward Unit: Cash
Rewards: - 1% on eligible purchases, terms apply
Expiration: None*
Yearly Limit: None*
Other Benefits: *See Terms and Conditions for other benefits
Credit Reporting: Yes
Online Account Access: Yes
Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A*
APR on Purchases: 17.49% - 25.49% (V) *
Annual Fee: $0 - $99*
Grace Period: See Terms*
Late Payment Fee: Up to $37*
Balance Transfer: No
Additional Fees Returned Payment Fee: Up to $35
Foreign Transaction Fee: 3% or $1.00, whichever is greater

We do not offer online application for this card at the moment.

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† The information provided for Credit One Bank® Unsecured Visa® Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Jan 31, 2018). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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