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Discover Student More Card - Mix Tape


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- 0% intro APR on purchases for 9 months, then the variable standard purchase APR of 12.99% - 18.99%*
- 5% Cashback Bonus in categories that change throughout the year like gas, groceries, restaurants, department stores and more. Signing up is free and easy each time. And you'll earn 5% on up to the quarterly maximum*
- Every single purchase automatically gets Cashback Bonus
- $0 Fraud Liability- you will not be responsible for unauthorized charges
- No Annual Fee
- Sign up to receive text and email alerts
*Click apply to view rates, fees, rewards, limitations and other important information

Introductory APR: 0%*
Introductory Period: 9 months
APR on Purchases: 12.99% - 18.99% (variable)*
Annual Fee: $0*
Card Issuer: Discover Bank
Card Network: Discover®
Card Category: Student (Regular)
Card Type: - Instant Decision Card
- Low Interest Credit Card
- Reward Card
Credit Needed: Fair*

The Discover Student More Credit Card - Mix Tape, is designed for students at least 18 years of age who are looking for a card with a relatively good APR. In addition, students can have the opportunity to earn and receive benefits and rewards for being a cardholder.

This card is like no other because very few cards out there reward students for being credit cardholders. Students who either need or want a credit card can do so and make the purchases they need with this card.

Students can also get cash advances for a slightly high variable rate. There is no annual finance charge so students can worry less about paying a yearly fee for having the card. In addition, the card is subject to at least a $.50 finance charge when there are purchases or other transactions on the card. The amount on the card is calculated using the average daily balance and new purchases are included.

There is also no account set-up fee so students can worry less about the fees and charges associated with having other credit cards and enjoy the opportunity of saving more money.

Cardholders are also given the opportunity to earn cash rewards for being a cardholder and using their student card. Full information on the reward program and the rewards you are eligible to earn and receive will be sent with your card information.

One reward student cardholders are eligible for is a 1% CashBack Bonus on purchases after you have spent over $3,000 using your student card. The rewards program includes many other benefits students can take advantage of.

Individuals interested in applying for this card must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to determine acceptance of application. Applicants must be United States citizens and must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, you must agree and understand the card information and agreement provided when you fill out your application.

If you are declined for this card, you will be considered for other cards offered by Discover. If your application for the card is accepted, you have the opportunity to accept or decline your offered APR and other card rates and the card itself.

The application takes a few minutes of your time and you can receive an instant response within 60 seconds of submitting your application. The information required for the application is used to verify your citizenship and calculate APR.

The review prepared by . Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer.

Reward Types: - Cash Back Reward Cards
- Gas Reward Cards
- Other Rewards Cards
- Travel Reward Cards
- Universal Reward Cards
Reward Unit: Cash
Rewards: - 5% Cashback Bonus® in categories that change like gas, restaurants, department stores and more. Limitations apply*
- Up to 20% Cashback Bonus at popular retailers when you shop online through Shop Discover site
- Up to 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus on everything else you buy
Expiration: None*
Yearly Limit: None
Other Benefits: - Internet account related services
- Excess Collision Damage Waiver Insurance
- No liability for unauthorized transactions
- Scheduled Air Travel Accident Insurance
- Various card designs to select from
- Discounts on products and services at participating merchants and retailers
*See website for additional benefits.
Comments: Account inactivity for more than 36 months could result in the forfeiture of some or all of the Cashback Bonus.
Online Account Access: Yes
Introductory APR: 0%*
Applied Towards: Purchases
Introductory Period: 9 months*
APR on Purchases: 12.99% - 18.99% (variable)*
Annual Fee: $0*
Grace Period: 25 days*
Min Finance Charge: $0.50
Late Payment Fee: N/A*
Balance Transfer: Yes
APR Cash Advances: 24.99%
Additional Fees Foreign Currency Transaction Fee: 2% of the U.S. dollar amount of each purchase made in a foreign currency

We do not offer online application for this card at the moment.

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† The information provided for Discover® Student More Card - Mix Tape is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Jan 3, 2013). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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