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Horizon Gold Merchandise Credit Card


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- Instant $750 Credit Line*
- No Credit Check
- Fast Online Application
- Bad Credit - OK
- Issued by Horizon Card Services
*See Terms & Conditions for Details

Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A
APR on Purchases: 0.00% (fixed)*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Card Issuer: Horizon Card Services
Card Network: Other Networks
Card Category: Consumer (Shopping)
Card Type: - Building Credit
- Card for Bad Credit
- Instant Credit
- Instant Decision
- No Credit Check
- Shopping
- Unsecured
Credit Needed: Accepts All*

The Horizon Gold card is actually a line of credit charge card as opposed to a credit card that can be used anywhere. Cardholders receive an instant limit with no credit or employment check and the application process is rather fast.

One of the major selling points of the card is that bad credit is okay. To secure this stance, the company has added a number of fees and other requirements that must be met by cardholders so that they are able to use the card freely within the Horizon online store.

When filling out the application, prospective cardholders are met with a very basic form. It requires the name and contact information and personal information, as well as what the individual's next pay date is. Once this very short form is completed, you are able to submit for the card.

The card is instant for applicants to use the merchandise credit that is placed on it.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the United States to receive the card. Accurate identity and application information must also be provided for the application to receive its instant approval. The company says they absolutely do not check credit profiles for approval. The main qualification for approval aside from being 18 and a U.S. resident is to have an active debit or credit card in the name of the applicant. Upon approval, the account is established as an unsecured credit line.

In lieu of an annual percentage rate, the card has a number of fees. For instance, there is a monthly membership fee that is auto-debited every month. As a member, there are a number of benefits that cardholders receive. They are: My PRIVACY PROTECT, Rx Prescription Discount Plan, MY UNIVERSAL, MY LEGAL ASSISTANCE, and My ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE PLAN.

If there is a chance that the monthly membership fee that is auto-debited is denied by the bank three times, cardholders are auto-enrolled in the basic starter benefits for a reduced monthly fee, which includes the discount prescription access, and credit report access. In order for a member to have access to full benefits, customer service must be contacted and arrangements made for payment, including any back payments.

If a cardholder decides they do not want the card, they have 30 days to request a refund of the membership fee.

There is also a customer advocacy program. Customers who feel as if they are not receiving the best customer service are encouraged to contact the Customer Advocacy Department so that the issue can be addressed immediately.

The fees are as follows: The actual financed amount is equal to the amount of the item that is purchased. Shipping and handling fees depend on the item and where the item is being shipped, just as the processing fee for each item depends on the item itself. In addition to the monthly membership fee, there is a small one-time card issuance and account validation fee. If checks or debits are returned, there is an NSF fee after the second NSF.

There is a small monthly maintenance fee charged to the account unless the cardholder is an active member. The fee is waived for all active members, so it is only charged if the activity on the account ceases for a while.

Customers can be electronically billed to their email address or they can be paper billed. If the payment is not made on time, then the account is considered in default and members cannot make purchases in the online store using the card if the account is in default.

There are other courtesy programs that may be offered based on the discretion of the card issuer, such as fuel savings programs. The company states that they do not guarantee the services that are offered because they are subject to change or discontinuation at any time.

Lastly, member benefits are strictly limited to the member listed on the card and benefits are not transferrable to others. If the card is fraudulently used, it is important to contact customer service as soon as possible, as the company can suspend the member benefits and they do pursue fraud to the full extent of the law.

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Other Benefits: - Roadside Protection Service
- Unlimited access to your Credit Report
- Comprehensive Legal Assistance Plan
Credit Reporting: Yes
Online Account Access: Yes
Introductory APR: N/A*
Introductory Period: N/A*
APR on Purchases: 0.00% (fixed)*
Annual Fee: See Terms*
Grace Period: None*
Min Credit Line: $750
Late Payment Fee: N/A*
Balance Transfer: No
Opening Minimum: $0.00
Application Fee: $0.00
Additional Fees Account activation fee: $0
Monthly membership fee: $14.77
See website for Details* -

We do not offer online application for this card at the moment.

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* The information provided for Horizon Gold Merchandise Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Mar 28, 2021). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information and fees posted prior to applying for the product.

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