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Choose Credit Cards Without International Transaction Fees

15 April 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

Choose credit cards that have features you need. If you travel a lot, then you need to consider all of the fees that may be associated with using your credit card internationally. Look for credit cards without international transaction fees.

International transaction fees are various fees that are charged to your card based on using your card internationally. It has to do with the conversion fees from one currency back to your home currency. Depending on the bank, these fees are charged as a percentage of your total purchase or as a flat fee per transaction. Either way, the fees can add up quickly.

What Every Traveler Needs

As a traveler, you need a card that is easy to use. The logo of Visa or MasterCard ensures your card is accepted virtually everywhere. This allows you to use the card at hotels, rental car companies, street vendors, merchants and anywhere else. You may also be able to use the card at millions of ATM machines around the globe to pull out the cash you need.

When you choose a card with no international transaction fees, you can purchase what you need without worrying about additional fees getting added to your card. There's no fear of reaching your limit. This allows you to focus on what you need instead of dealing with any fees. Use the card everywhere and then pay the card's balance at your convenience later.

Save Money on Credit Cards

International transaction fees can add up quickly. Whether you travel once a year internationally or once a month, it's an important feature to look for. To figure out how much you would save, look at a previous credit card statement from the last time you went overseas. All of those transaction fees could have been avoided if you had the right credit card in your wallet.

Without having to pay those transaction fees, you can save a lot of money. It's not just the fees you save money on. If you don't pay your balance at the end of each month, you pay interest on those fees, too. What started off as small fees can add up to something significant over the course of a year.

In today's economy, you need to save money. If there is a card out there with no international transaction fees, think of what it could save you. If you do a lot of traveling, it could add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in a year.

Where to look for Credit Cards

Every card has some sort of perks. Some offer travel benefits, others offer cash back. Others offer discounts of business needs or entertainment. Then some offer no international transaction fees. Based on what you do, you need to find cards that will provide you with savings and convenience. If you do a significant amount of international traveling every year, the international transaction fees can add up fast.

Look for credit card offers that clearly state they don't have international transaction fees. Most credit card companies advertise what features they have in a card. This is a vital offer so it will be clearly marked immediately upon reviewing the offer.

Check all of the major banks that issue credit cards. This ensures you can find at least two companies that offer this benefit. You can then compare the two cards to see who has the best deal in terms of:

  • APR
  • Annual fee
  • Other perks

The international transaction fees are just one benefit offered by a card. It's not the only one that you can get. Plenty of cards offer more than one feature. You can look for ones that offer you none of the transaction fees as well as perks such as cash back, points towards travel and then the basics like online account management and fraud protection.

When you know you travel a lot, the card in your wallet counts. Take the time to look for credit cards with the perks you need to save money and make travel more convenient.


A lot of different credit cards are out there. You have the option of choosing credit cards without international transaction fees. If you do a lot of traveling, this is a feature you want from your credit card to save money.

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