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Despite a declining economy, mobile applications of the financial ilk are expected to continue to rise in popularity over the next few years. This is largely due to the fact that people enjoy having control of their money, and mobile technology is making it easier to do so, even while on the go.

The mobile application industry is one of the fastest growing industries in recent history. In fact, some studies suggest that mobile banking and stock trading platforms will have an estimated value of $125 billion in the next few years. Look for mobile banking, mobile stock, personal finance, credit-based, financial news and other apps below.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Banking Apps

Perhaps the most common or popular of all the mobile financial applications are the mobile banking apps. This is because they are designed to be user friendly since it is more likely that everyday people will use it, as opposed to the financial professionals that will use the industry-based applications. For selected apps click here

Mobile Apps

Personal Finance Apps

Most people could probably benefit from a quick lesson in making a budget, especially in a tough economy. Many personal financial apps can help as they are designed to help you: Track income vs spending; Develop and follow a budget; Savings planning. For selected apps click here

Mobile Apps

Credit Card Apps

Credit card applications allow cardholders check balance, reward points & miles, pay bills, make wire transfers, located bank ATM's and even run their credit cards using their mobile device instead of taking out their wallet. For selected apps click here

Mobile Apps

Financial News Apps

Whether you are a financial industry professional or simply a savvy consumer, there are a number of mobile financial apps that you can get which help you to keep tabs on the pulse of the financial markets around the world. These apps help to stream news directly to your phone. For selected apps click here

Mobile Apps

Stocks & Investment Apps

Financial investments in the stock market can be very lucrative but they are also very risky. Mobile stock trading apps help to keep information and updates on your particular investments at your fingertips. For selected apps click here

Mobile Apps

Card Processing Apps

Following mobile applications can be use to process a credit card with your mobile device! This makes it easier for people with medium and small businesses to operate their business from anywhere in the world. For selected apps click here

Mobile Apps

Credit Monitoring Apps

Mobile apps offer credit monitoring applications. These apps allows customers to retrieve and monitor their personal credit score as well as: View your most recent credit score; Update your score and credit summary and more. For selected apps click here

Mobile financial applications can be very beneficial to anyone with interest in getting the most out of their money. Whether you want to track and maintain your banking, have stocks that you need to monitor, or are trying to improve your credit score you can take advantage of the variety of applications available now.

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