No Hassle Rewards Credit Cards

No Hassle Rewards Credit Cards:  

Capital One's No Hassle Rewards Program is just that – no hassle. Residents of the United States can enjoy the benefits of this card like no other credit card. When it comes to travel, there are no blackout dates and no seat restrictions. What that means for you is travel when you want it without your rewards program telling you no. For as long as your card stays active, you continue to earn miles. There's no cap to how many you can earn and they never expire. So you can continue to collect your miles until you reach the level of reward you want to redeem. You can also choose cash back (with automatic redemptions, if you desire), as well as shopping rewards where you can select name brand merchandise. Getting rewards for using a credit card has never been as easy as with Capital One. There’s a variety of No Hassle cards and the application can be done online.

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