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The Barnes & Noble MasterCard Feeds Your Love Of Reading

July 15, 2014 by CreditCardsCo™

The hunt for the perfect credit card can be difficult because there are so many to choose from. When on that search, it is best to find one that fits your interests the best so that you know you will use the rewards. If you love movies, music, books, and gift buying, then the Barnes & Noble MasterCard may be what you are looking for.

The Barnes & Noble MasterCard is a card that can benefit those who love books and any of the products that Barnes & Noble has to offer. If you love to read, listen to music, or watch movies, then this is a card that can help you save money on your favorite products. From toys and games to household products and gifts, there is a little something for everyone at Barnes & Noble to enjoy. That makes this card highly effective in saving money on the things that you enjoy.

The Rewards

In order to save money, there has to be rewards. The Barnes & Noble MasterCard rewards its cardholders by rewarding all activity on the card. For eligible Barnes & Noble purchases, the cardholder receives cash back in the form of statement credits that save money on the cost of the card. For all other purchases, points are awarded. Once the point balance reaches 2,500 points, they are automatically redeemed for $25 gift cards that can be used online at Barnes & Noble or at any Barnes & Noble store.

In order to ensure that the rewards are applied, purchases cannot be invalidated for any reason. When gift cards are earned, cardholders can expect the card to arrive in up to four weeks. The gift card delivery is made to the billing address that is on the MasterCard account.

Online Account Management

To make the card easy to manage, cardholders have the option for online account management. This is a very important feature because it enables you to manage your account from anywhere you may be able to access the Internet. You can check your balance, available credit, and other details regarding the account. You can also check your rewards point balance.

Another important aspect of online account management is the fact that you can have your statements delivered to you online. This avoids the need to have them mailed since having them mailed has its security risks. When your statements are sent through the postal mail, they can be lost or stolen and this may be the perfect recipe for identity theft. When delivered online, you can view them through a secure connection. You are also able to access them at any time and never have to worry about misplacing statements.

Lastly, you are able to make your payments online. This is a convenient and fast way to ensure your bill is paid on time. Because of the easy online access, you can pay your bill any time that you want as long as it is paid before your due date. If you do make a payment for the balance in full within 23 days of your statement closing date, you can avoid the APR on purchases. This is a tactic that can save you a great deal of money.

About The APR

The APR that the cardholder is given lies somewhere within a range. The lowest APR in that range is competitive, while the highest end of the APR range may be considered comparable to the higher APRs of other cards.

When viewing the terms and conditions, you will find that there are APRs for different types of transactions. For instance, there is an APR for purchases, one for balance transfers, and one for cash advances. Both the purchase and balance transfer APRs are based on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate. The cash advance APR, however, is a fixed rate regardless of creditworthiness, but it is based on the market.

If a late payment is made, then a penalty APR will be assessed to the account. This penalty APR could be applied to the account indefinitely and it is higher than the highest regular APR possible on the card.

When you pay off the balance within the 23 days after the closing of the billing cycle, you do have to pay off any amount of the balance related to balance transfers or cash advances as well. While the balance transfer and cash advance APR cannot be avoided, money can be saved on the purchase APR.


The fees are very simple. First, there is no annual fee and that is something that makes this card highly competitive. Sometimes rewards cards come with annual fees so that the rewards program is paid for in a way. This one does not do that, nor does it have any fees outside of standard fees. In fact, they are very few.

The first fee is the balance transfer fee. It is a percentage of the balance transfer, whichever is greater. The same applies to cash advances. Foreign transactions have a fee that is a small percentage of the transaction in U.S. dollars.

The next fee set is the penalty fees. The first is the late payment fee and the second is the returned payment fee. The amount of the fee can vary by state. The terms and conditions will outline which states must pay a fee that is different from the default amount.

If a payment is returned and that causes the payment to be late, then both fees will be assessed to the account. This also means that the penalty APR will go into effect. It is possible to have the APR reduced at some point in the future, but consecutive on-time payments have to be made for a long period of time before that can be considered.


The Barnes & Noble MasterCard is a rewards card that gives cardholders cash back on eligible Barnes & Noble purchases in the form of statement credits. It also gives cardholders $25 gift cards for every 2,500 points earned so that even more money can be saved. Coupled with the reasonable APR and few fees, the card is beneficial to have.

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