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An Easy Credit Line With The Luxe Signature Card

June 15, 2015 by CreditCardsCo™

The Luxe Signature Card is a merchandise line of credit that you can use on name brand merchandise at a discount. With zero interest, a low monthly fee, and many possibilities, it is an account that can pay off for you in many ways.

Lines of credit can be very useful. The Luxe Signature Card is one of those cards. It is not a MasterCard or a Visa card, but it is one that allows you to have some spending power. Once you have this power to spend, you can then use it to purchase merchandise at a discount compared to how much it would cost you to purchase it elsewhere. This is one of the exclusivities of being a member.

This line of credit gives a credit limit that is considered generous. This credit line is then taken to the Hutton Chase website to make purchases in their online store. Since Luxe guarantees approval of the card as long as you meet the requirements. The requirements include having an income, being a U.S. Citizen, and being at least 18 years of age.

Purchase Examples

There is a lot of high-end merchandise in the online store. As for how it works, here is an example:

You see an Amazon Kindle Fire in the online store. The regular price may be around $250. However, you can get it for less. A down payment is required on each item, so you make an $80 down payment on top of a shipping charge and the actual total due that day. So let's say you pay around $106.80 upfront to receive the Kindle Fire. This means your remaining payments will be $21.36 for five months. This results in the $250 Kindle being purchased for $213.60. That includes the shipping cost, so you are essentially getting the Kindle for $203.60. That's around a 19 percent savings.

All items require a down payment and the total for the item that day. All items also require a shipping cost. After that, the remaining payments are divided over a five month period. This allows you to pay off your purchases over five months. If you purchase multiple items, your totals will be added together to determine your monthly payment.

If you receive an item and you find that it is defective, such as a computer, you can return the item. You can exchange for another computer if you wish. When Hutton Chase receives the computer back, they will most likely check to see what the defect is. However, if they find that it wasn't defective, then it is possible you may be charged a restocking fee.

The return process is rather simple as long as a functional item has not been opened and is returned within 30 days or a defective item is truly defective. To ensure you can return an item without being assessed a restocking fee, you can call Hutton Chase and talk to them about the return policy and procedure, as it is always subject to change. This will help you ensure you are within the confines of the policy so you can do a clean return.

Account Fees

The extent of the account fees do not go past the charges associated with a purchase, which, aside from the shipping, does not include any extra charges. The monthly account maintenance fee is very obvious from the very beginning because it has to be paid right when the account is opened.

However, any other fees that are assessed to the account are mainly penalty fees, which mean you have complete control over whether or not you are charged those fees. For instance, you may have insufficient funds in your bank account. When the payment is made, it cannot be processed because of the lack of funds. If you did this on your due date and then the next day comes and you find that the payment bounced, then you will find that you are charged a low NSF fee and you are also charged a late fee. This late fee is going to vary by the state you life in.

On the other side of this, having the funds available would not have resulted in either fee, so you would be assessed your normal monthly account maintenance fee and any monthly merchandise payments you have at that time. The same applies to any restocking fees. As stated before, you can call Hutton Chase and speak to them about the return policy at the time you wish to make the return and have a little more control over fees there as well.

Enjoy The Benefits

This is a rather easy line of credit to have. Think about the holidays and how stressed you are every year. You may have a child wanting an iPad or, perhaps, it is your teenager's birthday and all they want is a laptop. This can be a stressful purchase and, if you don't have the money, the last thing you want to do is disappoint someone that you love. With this line of credit, you can put down your down payment and then move forward with making monthly payments to pay off the balance. This will enable you to give your child what he or she needs or wants.

And be sure to not forget yourself. If there is something that you need or want, there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself once in a while. With the way the payment program works, you are not in debt for the item for a long period of time the same way you would be with a traditional credit card.


The Luxe Signature Card is a line of credit that gives you more spending power for the things that you and your family want. It is an easy credit line to manage, it is convenient to have, and the payment plans are simple. Plus, there is no interest.

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