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Enjoy Unique Merchandise With The Unique Platinum

July 15, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

If you are a person who is looking for a merchandise line of credit that gives you access to quality merchandise or you are someone who has been turned down for credit and you are looking for another way to acquire it, the Unique Platinum card can do both of these things for you.

Because the Unique Platinum doesn't require a credit check, anyone can take advantage of the opportunity to have a merchandise line of credit that gives access to hundreds of items for reasonable prices.

While this is not a card that has the Visa or MasterCard logo on it, the online store that you have access to gives you access to a lot of items that you may regularly purchase. You have access to televisions, iPods, bicycles, baby items, bed and bath, automotive, As Seen On TV items, apparel, sporting goods, and much more. What this does is take away the need for you to shop anywhere else when you have a complete outlet at your fingertips. You can shop from the comfort of your computer in your own time, using a credit line that is generous enough for you to purchase what you want.

Even if a purchase exceeds your available credit, the My Unique Outlet takes Visa and MasterCard so you can complete your purchase. What is important is you have access to the latest merchandise and some of the most well-known name brands and without an interest rate to accompany the purchase.


It is very interesting that this card does not have an APR. However, they do receive their money from the purchases made in their online outlet mall and this enables them to do this. At the same time, there is a membership fee that is paid separately from the available credit on the card. You can use your Visa or MasterCard to make this payment. If you decide within 30 days of opening the account that you don't want it anymore, the membership fee is refunded as long as there is not an unpaid balance on the card. The card can't be used and then a refund issued on the membership charge. As for the monthly service fee, it is deducted from the available credit each month. It is fair to say that this monthly service fee takes the place of any possible APR, but still costs less than interest being charged on your balance. This is even truer the higher your balance becomes.

The only other fees that need any type of consideration is the late fee if payment is received late and a returned check fee if the payment method being used does not have the funds available for the payment. These are controllable fees, however, so this is not a card that has a lot of fees associated with it, while still allowing for a great deal of flexibility.


Although no credit checks are required, there are some qualifications that must be met in order to be able to apply for the card. First, you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Second, you need to be at least 18 years of age. Third, there should be no bankruptcies in progress. If you live in Indiana, Vermont, or Wisconsin, then the service is not available to you. The card is available to residents in all other states and Unique Platinum does comply with state regulations regarding the extension of credit.

From there, you simply pay the membership fee to start using your card. You should know that the membership fee consists of an enrollment fee and an application fee. After you use the card, you are only required to make your minimum monthly payment. You can keep track of such things as your spending, payments, and much more through your online account. Your online account is also how can gain access to the online outlet mall so you can browse at your leisure and purchase the items that you need or want. The merchandise in this store can change frequently, allowing you to have many choices.


There is also a degree of security with the card. While this is a low-fraud card, which means fraud does not happen frequently, there is a fraud resolution procedure in case you find that your card has been compromised in any way. This procedure also involves working with law enforcement in order to bring the person responsible to justice. This may entail account statements being produced and much more.

You can rest assured, however, that the website is secure when making transactions in order to keep prying eyes away and your account number out of the hands of individuals who may try to use it illegally.

Exclusive Benefits

Lastly, there are a number of exclusive benefits that cardholders receive. The first is roadside assistance. If you find yourself stranded for one reason or another, the roadside assistance service will take care of towing, lock-out, tire changes, fluid delivery, winching, and jump starts. This service is available 24/7.

The second benefit is the legal assistance that you can take advantage of. You can enjoy free telephone consultations for each new legal matter without a time limit. The same applies to face-to-face consultations. You can have an attorney review legal documents up to six pages, arrange for Simple and Living Wills to be created for you, receive representation if you find yourself in small claims court, and you can receive assistance when dealing with government programs. You are even entitled to Daily Deal Discounts in thousands of cities around the world and a mobile application can help you find these deals.


There are a number of ways in which the Unique Platinum behaves much like a traditional credit card. With exclusive benefits, no APR on purchases, a generous credit line, and a unique online outlet to shop from, much of what a person needs is bundled into one little card.

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