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Net First Platinum Provides Unique Opportunities

February 15, 2015 by CreditCardsCo™

Shopping cards can be highly beneficial, but they are even more beneficial when they provide a number of benefits that result in savings and peace of mind. Low payments, no APR, low shipping and handling costs, and access to name brand merchandise makes this card unique.

The Net First Platinum card is a shopping card, but it gives its cardholders much more. First, you are awarded a generous unsecured credit limit that allows you to shop in the card's online outlet. You can purchase name brand merchandise for reasonable prices and for low payments. In addition, there is a benefits program that allows you to take part in a few conveniences that can save you money.

In fact, the conveniences that are afforded to you by the card enable you to offset some of the card's costs, such as shipping and handling and other fees that are low. You also receive peace of mind by some of the programs, as well as confidence that you are saving money when you take advantage of the programs. You even have the option to take the full benefits or a reduced number of benefits for a lesser monthly cost. Nonetheless, it is the full benefits that will give you the most for your money.

Benefits Programs

There are a number of benefit programs that are offered in addition to the ability to shop in the exclusive online store for name brand merchandise. The first is the My Privacy protection. This is a program that enables you to monitor your credit report and ensure that there is no suspicious activity or to see what is happening so you can work on your credit. Access is free online.

The second program is the My Roadside Protection. If you are on the road and you break down, you can make a call and get the help that you need. For instance, you can have gasoline delivered to you if you run out of gas. You do have to pay for the gas, but you do not have to worry about being stranded. If you lock yourself out of your car, you will find that you can call for lockout service so that you do not have to break your car window or go to other extreme measures to get back inside your car.

The third program is the My Universal Rx program. This one allows you to receive discounts on qualifying medications. You can check a list online to see what qualifies and what doesn't so that you are able to save the most on your prescriptions. The savings are rather generous so that you can save as much as possible on your prescription medications.

The fourth program is My Legal Assistance and it gives you the opportunity to have a free 30-minute consultation with a lawyer specializing in the area that you need help with. This service does not cover criminal matters. You also have access to many online legal resources so that you can help yourself in some legal matters. This is a way you can save money on legal matters.

The fifth program consists of courtesy programs that are designed to save you even more money. For instance, you can save money on gasoline. Everyone has to buy gas for their vehicles, so this is a benefit that can go a long way for members.

Fraud Resolution

Horizon Card Services has a fraud policy in which they cooperate fully with involved law enforcement agencies when fraudulent activity has happened on the Net First Platinum account or the debit or credit card that is on file. If you notice fraudulent activity, you can file a police report and then inform Horizon card Services of the activity so that full cooperation can be given. In addition to the police report, you are required to provide the portion of the statement that shows the alleged fraud. This will help you receive the resolution that you need in the matter. Horizon Card Services requests that members give up to two weeks for a resolution to be reached.

Good Standing Requirement

It is a requirement that the account remain in good standing so that members are able to take advantage of all of the benefits that are afforded to them. If the account does fall out of good standing, then Horizon Card Services reserves the right to require the entire balance at once. However, when the membership fee is returned due to insufficient funds, the membership may be downgraded to the minimum benefits. A telephone call and catching up the payments can result in the full benefits being reinstated.

It is important to note that any payments that are returned due to insufficient funds can result in an insufficient funds fee. If insufficient funds result in a late payment, then both fees can be assessed. It is very important to keep the account in good standing so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that come with it, as well as experience increases in your credit limit in the future. This will give you more spending power.


When it comes to fees, there is no APR. This makes the card highly competitive because you will not be paying thousands of dollars in interest over time. What it does have is a one-time card issuance and account validation fee. When purchases are made, there are shipping and handling costs, such as the Outlet Store Delivery Signature Verification fee and the Outlet Store Residential Delivery fee. Both of these are very low fees.

Once purchases are made and the merchandise is delivered to your door, the monthly payments are a percentage of the outstanding balance. The percentage is small so that it is not too high, but so it is enough to effectively pay your balance down. What you receive are useful benefits and the ability to purchase name brand merchandise for a low cost.


The Net First Platinum card is one that members can benefit from in a number of ways. Name brand merchandise can be purchased, but, even when not using it to purchase merchandise, it can be used to take advantage of services that are usually rather costly, such as roadside assistance and prescriptions.

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