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IberiaBank Visa Select Credit Card Review

15 April 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

While many credit cards provide you options for member benefits and rewards, the IberiaBank Visa Select credit card simply makes it easier to save. As the name implies you can select the way your card benefits you most, customizing your credit experience to suit your qualifications.

It is important to have options these days. People seem to be very interested in contingency plans and emergency funds, which makes a lot of sense with such an unstable economy. Sometimes, though, it has less to do with form than with function; while personal tastes are certainly desirable, convenience and flexibility often take the cake. Take this Iberia Bank credit card for example.

This credit card is available with a handful of rate options that let everyone enjoy the benefits of credit in their own way. If your credit is very good, this card might be able to save you quite a deal of money.

Intro Rates and Creditworthiness

Depending on creditworthiness, you could enjoy a rate as low as 0% APR for the first 12 months on all of your standard purchases. After the introductory period expires, you could also enjoy an extremely low variable rate for the lifetime of your account. This is just an example as rates are subject to change; however, it also signifies the starting point of your savings.

If your credit score is not as good as it could be, you could also enjoy a somewhat low rate for the both the introductory period and the lifetime of the account as well. Of course, every credit customer is different, but these generalizations are still a good indicator of what you could end up being charged in interest. There are three different rates available to credit card customers, so if you haven't had much luck with other banks, you might want to consider applying with this one.

Balance Transfer

Like many other credit cards, the IberiaBank Visa Select credit card also offers competitive rates on balance transfers. This benefit can also help you to save money if you use it properly. According to the guideline:

  • Low rate applies to balances made in the first 3 months of opening the account
  • This rate only applies to balances for the first year (introductory period)
  • This rate will not change for the duration of the introductory period
  • The balance transfer rate will rate to whatever the assigned standard purchase rate was when you were approved for your card.
  • The assigned standard rate will also vary with the market and will be based on the market Prime Rate at the time.

All in all, with the right plan you could easily save yourself some money if you pay off your balance transfer balance by the end of the first year. Some proper budgeting and a little patience will take you a long way towards lower credit liability and hopefully a better credit score down the stretch.

Other Benefits

The IberiaBank card also offers a variety of other benefits that will keep you happy. Like most credit cards these days, this one gives you online account access, which means that you can manage your account, adjust your budget, schedule, and make payments online anytime you want.

This card also provides you with the same benefits that you might expect from IberiaBank. This includes:

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver which reimburses you the actual cash value for comprehensive and collision damage to your rental car
  • Roadside Dispatch which grants you a pay-per-use roadside assistance program that is common to all Visa users
  • Travel Emergency Services which includes lost and stolen card reporting, emergency cash at over 270,000 locations around the world and emergency card replacement no matter where you are in the world

Keep in mind that you must use your card to make your travel arrangements if you want to take advantage of the travel benefits.

Final Word

The IberiaBank Visa Select credit card offers several of the most common credit card benefits in a very simple package. Take advantage of low rates and travel services and enjoy the benefits all over the world as well as the comfort of your own home.

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