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Chase Slate MasterCard Review

16 October 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

You could save money with the Slate MasterCard from Chase because it has an interest rate as low as 0% for a period that could last as long as 15 months. You could consolidate existing balances or you could take advantage of other benefits.

One of the things that deter people from Credit card is the fact that they can be expensive. Because of the fees and interest rates, this can often be true.

However, with the Chase Slate MasterCard you will appreciate knowing that you get the lowest possible interest rate for a 15-month introductory period and the ability to modify your account to fit your needs.

Balance Transfers

The Slate MasterCard from Chase credit card offers one of the most generously rewarding programs on the market today. When you apply and are approved for this card you could have the opportunity to consolidate any balances that you might have with other cards. For some people this could do a couple of things:

  • Reduce the number of payments each month
  • Reduce the total amount paid each month
  • Reduce the probability of receiving fees

Obviously, altogether this could be a superb credit card for someone who may have a few cards with high interest and high payments each month. Even with the 3% balance transfer fee, when you do the math you should quickly determine how much money you could save if you are in a situation like this.

Save Money

While the balance transfer option is certainly attractive, you can save money a few other ways with the Chase Slate Master credit card. Indeed, a good credit card these days needs to offer much more than just a low interest rate, no matter how long the introductory period is. With this particular Slate MasterCard from Chase bank, you will be able to save money by:

  • Avoiding interest when you pay your new charges off in full each month
  • Up to 15 months with an interest rate as low as 0% on standard purchases
  • Not having an annual fee, which is somewhat rare these days
  • A highly competitive standard variable interest rate (once your introductory period expires)

Saving money is important, no matter what the state of the economy might be. With this card, it could be easier for you to rack up significant savings over other cards that you might currently have or you might be considering.

Customize Your Account

The Slate MasterCard is one of the most versatile credit cards on the market right now. This is because you have the ability to modify the way your account works to best suit your needs.

  • Choose which purchase categories you want to qualify for interest-free financing
  • Choose a goal date for paying down your balances OR
  • Choose a monthly amount that works best for you
  • Develop a plan for paying off a major purchase according to the time frame within which you would like to pay it off
  • Set goals for your money and then track your progress online

The Application

Applying for the Chase Slate MasterCard card is much like that of other cards. You can access the application online, which is the most efficient way to apply. When you open the application, you will see that they ask for basic contact information. However, before you can even enter this information you will have to verify your credit history is clear of:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Serious delinquencies
  • Application denials for at least 6 months

As long as you satisfy these minimum requirements, you should have no trouble applying for the Slate MasterCard credit card.

Final Word

The Slate MasterCard from Chase will feel like it was tailor made for you. Of course, that's because you have full control over many aspects of your account.

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