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Personal Finance Applications: Selected Personal Finance Apps for iPhone & Android

Mobile phones have come a long way since their inception a few decades ago. Every update of this technology brings more versatility in an even more compact package. The most recent generation of mobile technology incorporates mobile applications which are compact versions of what you might find on your computer. Some of the most common mobile applications are those that improve personal efficiency, particular when it comes to personal finances.

In the beginning, simple personal finance applications made it easier to calculate tips or establish a budget. Tip calculators, actually, are available in many different forms on every form of mobile development platform. Similarly, personal budgeting software is very common to mobile devices.

Some mobile apps, though, are not stand-alone widgets or programs, but integrated systems that take information from your bank account or other websites so that you can adjust your finances as you use them. This allows you to not only establish a budget, but make changes to it on the fly, which is especially important when money is tight.

Personal finance applications can also help you to determine where you are spending your money and how you can make changes to better serve your financial goals. For instance, the Xpenser app lets you record your expenses as soon as they are incurred so that when you sit down to look at your monthly spending you can see exactly how often you fill your gas tank or visit the grocery store. Most people have more money than they realize because they aren’t aware of all the leaks in their budget.

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