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Travel Better With The LANPASS Visa Signature Card

June 15, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

The LANPASS Visa Signature Card may be just what you need to buy what you want and travel where you want. Features include being able to earn free flights on LAN as well as no credit line limit. The perks are year round and available when you want them.

What LANPASS Miles Are?

LANPASS miles are used for free flights and other travel benefits. If you are a frequent flier on LAN airlines already, then you know that the more miles you have in your account, the easier it is to get free travel. Not only can you redeem the miles for flights but for hotel stays, rental cars and much more.

When you have the Visa card, you will be able to earn miles even faster. The reason for this is because you will earn miles for every dollar spent. There is no cap on the amount of miles that you can earn. This means that you can keep on spending throughout the year to continue earning miles.

There are many ways to get double miles and bonus miles as well. Double miles are given to you when you buy LAN tickets. Bonus miles are given to you when you use the card for the first time as well as on the anniversary of your card each year. With double and bonus miles, you will be able to reach your desired redemption levels faster.

What Visa Signature Benefits Are?

There are some Visa signature benefits that you can take advantage of to save you money and others that will offer you more convenience. You will have no preset spending limit, which allows you to say goodbye to credit limits. You buy what you want wherever you are without being told that you have insufficient funds. Since it's a Visa card, you have more buying opportunities around the world. Millions of merchants take the card and you can use it over the phone and over the net, too.

Other Signature benefits include:

  • Signature concierge
  • Purchase security
  • Travel insurance

A Signature concierge phone number is given to you upon being accepted for the card. Once you have completed the online application and been approved, you will receive a booklet with your card that explains all of your benefits – including concierge. You can call this number to get assistance with booking dining reservations, travel accommodations, entertainment tickets, sporting events and much more. Whether you need help with something local or something elsewhere in the world, concierge can help you to save you time and give you valuable information to ensure you have a good time wherever you go.

Purchase security is included with all of your purchases in many ways. Not only do you have fraud protection where you aren't held liable for fraudulent purchases but you also have purchase security and a warranty manager. If anything is damaged or stolen that you purchased on the card, it is covered under purchase security. There is also an extended warranty available on all qualifying purchases with the warranty manager, which can save you a fortune with not having to buy them from the stores where you made your purchases.

Travel insurance is also provided when you book your travel plans on the Visa. This includes a $1 million travel accident insurance policy as well as luggage reimbursement in the event that your luggage is lost. With this and emergency assistance when you travel, you are always protected – and can save a lot of money when you travel, too.


The LANPASS credit card has a lot of features that you will want to have throughout the year. You will have a way to add LAN miles to your reward account and no preset spending limit, but there are other reasons to choose the card as well. This includes such things as:

  • Discounts on LAN airlines
  • Low fees
  • Easy account management

You will be able to experience discounts on LAN throughout the year. You will get a discount on a LAN purchase, a flight miles bonus and even upgrade coupons to use during the year. With these kinds of features, travel can be even more affordable for you. All of these features come at no additional cost to you – you simply determine when you want to use them.

Low fees exist with the card. There is an affordable annual fee associated with the card. There's also a low APR for all of your purchases. This APR will come in the form of an interest charge each month when you carry a balance on your card. If you don't want to pay interest charges, you always have the option of paying your statement balance in full each month. You can also avoid late fees by being on time with your payment each month.

There are also easy account management tools. All communication is available in English and Spanish. This includes customer service as well as your online access. The online access gives you detailed information about your account 24/7 for your convenience. You can check your balance, look up purchases you've made since your last billing statement and even download statements to your computer. You have the ability to contact customer service online. You can also schedule bills online and have the funds come directly out of your checking account so you don't have to write a check or put anything in the mail.


You deserve a great card. When you like to travel, it only makes sense to have a card that gives you a lot of travel benefits. From free flights to travel insurance and more, this LANPASS Visa Signature Card will help you wherever you go as long as you're charging your travel itineraries to the card.

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