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What is a Credit Card Grace Period?

25 July 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Even though credit cards are seen to be one of the handiest things that a person can carry in their wallet or purse, they are also known to be the main cause of people finding themselves in some form of debt. Even though many experts have advised people to avoid the use of credit cards altogether, having at least one credit card per family is something that we all should have in case of financial emergencies. The key word here is emergencies. Many people tend to use credit cards for the sake of using it as all expenses are made on credit. What most people tend to forget is that all transactions made from a credit card need to be repaid. Using a credit card for the right purpose and applying for the correct credit card are two important factors that we all must look into.

In the current financial market, there is a huge variety of credit cards to choose from. Some are known to offer attractive interest rates, where as others are offering cash backs on certain expenditures in order to make as many sales as possible. One important factor that you have to look out for is that some credit card companies have been designed to get people in debt problems. Even though this may sound hard to believe, but if you end up in a debt problem where you can no longer meet your credit card repayments; under the federal law, the company can seize and sell your assets to pay off your outstanding debts.

How to know which credit card to apply for? Look for those credit cards that offer a credit card grace period. Proper credit card companies want their customers to use their cards but also be able to pay off their debt as soon as they can. Most credit card companies that offer a credit card grace period are known to hold such a reputation. As many of you may already be aware, whenever you make a purchase on your credit card, you will be required to repay the amount back with interest. This is where the concept of a grace period comes into play. A credit card grace period is a time limit which credit cards companies give to their customers in which if they pay their full outstanding debt at one go, they will be exempt from having to pay any form of interest.

What this means is that even though you used a credit card to make a purchase, you would only end up paying the base amount that you initially signed up to pay for. The problem is that not all credit cards are known to offer this grace limit. Even the credit cards that do are known to have some form of hidden clause in the fine print which many tend to over look. The key to choosing the right credit card is taking your time in doing enough background research. Reading the fine print agreement is also a very important aspect that many people tend to over look.

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