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What is the Horizon Gold Card?

15 July 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

Even if you have credit issues, you can enjoy more freedom with fewer hassles with the Horizon Gold Card. This unsecured credit card allows you to use credit and monitor your credit score without having to worry about many of the traditional credit pitfalls.

In these tough economic times, it can be difficult to survive if you have faced some credit challenges. It does not matter if you are facing lost wages from a layoff or if you are dealing with a family emergency or simply experiencing trouble due to inflated commodity prices. Regardless of the challenges you might be facing, this shopping card might be able to help.

Secured Credit with Unsecured Card

First of all, the Horizon Gold Card is an unsecured credit card, which means that it does not require you to put down a deposit before you can use it. For many people facing credit challenges, this is extremely important because it means you get to keep more of your own hard-earned money. Typically, people with past credit issues cannot get credit cards or must apply for secured or pre-paid cards, which are helpful in some respects, but still do not offer the same benefits of true credit cards.

More Freedom

What makes the Horizon Gold Card special, though, is that you get to use credit in a limited way without feeling limited by security deposits. This card can only be used within the Horizon shopping network, which is particularly useful for people who are trying to monitor their credit more consistently. It does not allow you to use it just any old place, which means you have a tighter hold on how you use your credit, hopefully helping you to use it more wisely.

Less Hassle

The Horizon Gold Card is also unique in that the application process does not require you to submit any employment verification like basic credit cards. You can also avoid many of the standard fees that are often associated with traditional cards as well, particularly those for people with bad credit. However, you could still be charged for these fees like late payments, which is to be expected.

What you might not expect, however, is that the Horizon Gold Card comes with a couple other auxiliary benefits, too. Indeed, with this card you can also take advantage of things like Roadside Protection Service and a Comprehensive Legal Assistance Plan. You can even check out your account online 24 hours a day, putting your credit future in your hands. The Horizon Gold Card is a very special kind of financial product.

Similar to an unsecured credit card, this shopping card allows you to have access to credit so you can purchase goods and services as your needs require. However, this product is considered a shopping card because you can only use it within a limited network of merchants. This system is designed to help people who may have faced some credit issues in the past. It can help you to take control of your credit in this way, which is extremely helpful if you want to maintain good credit.

While this card is different in the way that you can use it, it does have some similarities to traditional cards. For instance, as an unsecured card, you have to make payments according to your contract and if you miss a payment or pay after the due date, you could be assessed a small fee.

On the other hand, this card is also similar to traditional cards because it not only provides you the ability to shop without cash, but it also a couple other benefits that resemble standard credit cards. These include:

  • A Roadside Protection Plan
  • A Comprehensive Legal Assistance Plan
  • 24-hour access to your account online, which makes it even easier for you to monitor your spending and organize your payments

These additional features are common to many of the more traditional credit cards, but not necessarily to shopping cards like the Horizon Gold Card. This makes it an attractive choice for people wanting a little more variety.

Final Word

In conclusion, the Horizon Gold Card is a shopping card that acts like traditional credit which you can use within the Horizon merchant system. With online access and a couple of other standard credit card benefits, this card simplifies your credit experience, making credit easier to use and understand.

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