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What Serve From American Express Has To Offer

February 15, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

You deserve a card that gives you spending power. It's easy to apply for the Serve from American Express card because there is no credit check. You don't have to spend any money to sign up and benefits begin the moment you receive your card.

The Power Of A Prepaid Card

A prepaid card ensures you never go into debt. With no APR, there are no interest charges. The benefit of this card is there are no monthly or annual fees to deal with either. The card is affordable to use. With the American Express logo, it also allows you to make purchases throughout the country. You can make purchases from your smartphone, online, over the phone and in person.

The card can be used just like any other credit card. The only difference is there is no credit line afforded to you. You can spend on the card as long as you have the funds. Whether you have $50, $500 or even $5,000 loaded on the card, you can spend what's on it – it's that simple.

Having a prepaid card is a lot safer to use than cash. If you lose cash, it's gone forever. With the prepaid card, if you lose it, you can call customer service to have it replaced. The same goes for if the card is stolen. And if you do need cash, you can stop at any ATM machine and withdraw the cash you need using the PIN you received in the mail.

Basic Benefits Of The Card

As a cardholder, you get some basic benefits. Not only can you use the card virtually anywhere, but you can cash in on other benefits as well. Since there are no annual fees associated with the card, the benefits are yours to take advantage of when you need them. They won't cost you anything and they are available yearlong.

  • Mobile app
  • Customer support
  • Purchase protection
  • Entertainment access

A mobile app can be downloaded to your smartphone. There's a version for Windows, Android and the iPhone. You will be able to transfer money and manage your account from your phone. Wherever you go, you can find out your balance and even split a bill when you're in a hurry.

Customer support operates 24/7 for your convenience. Whether you need to talk to a customer service representative about different benefits or you need to dispute a charge, friendly operators are always available to take your call. This ensures you get an answer to your question immediately without having to wait hours or days like other cards. There is also a recording on the toll free number that will give you balance information on your account.

Purchase protection comes with every card. If an item is damaged or stolen, you don't have to be out the money you spent on it. If you made the purchase with your prepaid American Express, you simply phone customer service. Just prove that you made the purchase on the card and you will be refunded the amount you spent.

You also have Entertainment Access. A private concierge number will be given to you so you can make a call 24/7 to get the best tickets around the country. Whether it's a rock concert, tickets to the ballet or seats on the 50 yard line, you will be able to obtain them with American Express. The operators can help you get the tickets – sometimes before they go on sale or after they are sold out.

Special Online Features

There are some special online features that come with having the digital prepaid account. There are the basic features that come with the card like 24/7 customer service and app management tools, but there are also ones that aren't seen so often from prepaid cards. When you have the card, you can benefit from features like:

  • Facebook posts
  • Subaccounts
  • Widgets
  • Linking to other accounts

With the power of Facebook, you can tap into your social media friends to help you out. A simple wall post will enable to you to send or request money at your convenience. This will make it that much easier to make payments to friends and keep your prepaid account funded.

It's possible to create subaccounts with your prepaid American Express as well. Friends and family can be given a card to your account. You will be able to control what they can and cannot do because ultimately it is your account – and your money.

If you sell things online, you can provide widgets onto your store page. This will allow people to pay for purchases online – and the money will go right into your prepaid account. Doing such a thing may save you several steps when it comes time to trying to access your account.

You also have the ability to link your prepaid account to other accounts. Your debit account, checking account or credit card can be linked to the account. When you have various links, you are able to ensure there is enough money in the account to buy what you want. Since the card is accepted at millions of merchants, you have the spending power you need. There are also MoneyPaks that can be linked to your account. This is something that you can buy at merchants around the country in various denominations. Once linked, it provides you with an instant way to replenish your account.


It's time you have a better card in your wallet. Accepted anywhere that American Express is accepted, it opens more doors and allows you to purchase without going into debt. Spend where you want and enjoy features you can't get elsewhere.

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