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What Information do I Need to Apply for a Credit Card?

6 August 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Before you start to look into what information one would need in order to apply for a credit card, one of the first things that you have to decide on is how you are planning to apply for the credit card in the first place. There are a number of ways through which a person can apply for a credit card. The options include; applying in person, online, through the telephone or via email. Regardless of which option you decide to go ahead with, the information that you would end up needing is pretty much the same for all approaches.

The first piece of information that you would require in order to be able to apply for a credit card includes the process of identifying your data. Information that you would be expected to disclose in this particular part of the form would include your first and last name, date of birth, national security number, passport number if necessary and telephone number. This basic information is mainly used to cross reference your files with a credit agency in order to identify your identity. This is the most basic amount of information that you would be required to disclose in the first section of your application.

The next part of the application would require you to disclose your address. In most applications, they will ask you to submit two addresses; one home and one for work. Based on your personal choice, you can decide which one you would like to use as a mailing address. With there being a lot of focus on going green and helping the environment by going paper free, there is a chance that they may also ask for your email address as well. Instead of receiving paper bills, you would be able to receive all of your online statements online.

The third part of the application would solely be based on your employment status. Things that you might be expected to disclose in this particular region would include your current employer, current salary and relative information of such sort. This information is used as a confirmation to ensure that you are able to meet repayments especially when applying for a credit card.

Some banks may also take a note of all your other bank accounts that you currently may have, giving more focus on other credit cards that you may own. This is to ensure that they feel that you are eligible to apply for their credit card in terms of being able to keep up with regular monthly payments.

The final steps of the application form are signing the document. This is to ensure that you have read all the terms and conditions and agrees to everything that has been stated in the fine print. It is quite common that you will be asked to keep a security question and answer in case of your card being lost or stolen. This will help the bank in identifying your identity if such a matter aroused. It is a good idea to call your bank before visiting them to find out which information you would need to apply for their credit card.

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