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Why Consumers Choose American Express

15 June 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

The American Express card is accepted in millions of locations worldwide. It is also the only card that allows people to buy whatever they need in a month without worrying about going over a credit limit. That, along with other benefits, is why American Express is found in so many wallets around the country.

The American Express card doesn't have a credit limit. When there are emergencies, having a credit limit can be extremely detrimental. It could be the difference of getting out of a bad situation or not. When there's no available credit, the purchase can't be made if your card is anything other than an American Express. With American Express, however, you can buy what you need to (or want to), as long as you pay the balance when the bill arrives.

Many versions of the American Express have credit limits in addition to their regular no limit. That means that you can go over the credit limit assuming you pay off the balance, but should you just want to spend a little and pay it off over a few months, that is permissible as well.

Cards with Great Features

Different banks and programs use the American Express, which gives the cardholder great benefits, including:

Each card gives its cardholder different benefits. These benefits help its cardholder save money and enhance the general usage of the card. For every time the card is used, points are accrued or cash back is earned. Other cards that don't feature the American Express logo do not typically offer the same benefits.

While American Express isn't offered in as many locations as Visa and MasterCard, the benefits outweigh the number of merchants. This includes having the ability to buy whatever you want as long as you can pay it off when the statement comes. It also means regular bonus features depending on the bank that you get the card from.

Easy Access to Money

American Express allows you to view all of your account details online. This includes everything from online bill pay to viewing statements and spending. Being able to see your account online makes sure that you are watching your spending. Financial tools such as this will help you to budget money much easier.

When you can see money quickly, you'll know if you have more money to spend without the worry of going over the limit or being able to make the payment when the bill comes. It will also allow you to analyze your spending. You can put your spending into categories to see what you are spending your money on.

Money Savings

Having an American Express can save its cardholder in many different ways, including lower interest rates, no or minimal annual fees, and discounts.

Interest rates are where banks make their money. It is also what can cost consumers so much money every year. Sure, the debt adds to it, but the APR is what helps it to grow and compound. A low interest rate means that you can pay it off faster.

Annual fees are applied to many cards that have great features. Many American Express cards don't have annual fees, and those that do are often less than its other counterparts. Annual fees are small and usually offset the great benefits you may be getting. When there's no annual fee, your benefits are virtually free.

Many American Express cards feature several different discounts. This includes travel insurance, as well as hotel and airline discounts. Some give you access to airport lounges while others give you a percentage off of your hotel stays. Shopping around for the perfect American Express will ensure that you get the best discounts for your lifestyle.

Each and every credit card on the market has their own perks. American Express cards have many great perks, which is why so many people carry the card. Research the card before you apply for it. Look at the interest rates offered and what you get for carrying the card. Once you do this, you'll see that American Express is a great card to have.

Final Word

American Express has great features that allow people to get rewarded for using the card. While many other cards are accepted in more places, Americans are still likely to carry an American Express in their wallet over a Visa or MasterCard.

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