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Credit Reports are a bunch of information lenders use when deciding if a prospective consumer is eligible for a loan, mortgage, credit card, and virtually every other thing that has to do with issuing a form of borrowed money. This article comes to help you understand how credit cards could affect your credit report, FICO score and finance in general. You'll also get to know if shopping and prepaid cards have an effect on your credit worthiness.

Published February 4, 2009

American Express is one of the largest credit card companies in the United States. Consumers seeking a credit card with which to charge personal or business expenses usually have to undergo a lot of stages before arriving at the best decision. Here, we have made the details compact to help ensure you go through less while also making it easier for you to choose the best American Express card.

Published January 6, 2009

College students often have a hard time finding a credit card that suits their lifestyle. With limited credit the chances of securing a good deal are somewhat restricted except if equipped with the right information to teach you how to get a credit card that's fits the picture of what you want.

Published December 18, 2008

When most people hear about identity theft, they assume it's always financial, such as someone stealing your credit card numbers and trying to use them to buy something online.

Published December 8, 2008

Thank You Network is the no-fee rewards program sponsored by Citibank®, Expedia, and Smith Barney...

Published November 27, 2008

WorldPoint® Reward is a Bank of America credit card rewards program sponsored by FIA Card Services N.A. The program is exclusive to Bank of America credit cardholders only...

Published September 21, 2008

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