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World Point Reward Network Overview

21 September 2008 by CreditCardsCo™

WorldPoint® Reward is a Bank of America credit card rewards program sponsored by FIA Card Services N.A. The program is exclusive to Bank of America credit cardholders only. WorldPoints offers rewards designed to profit cardholders with eligible personal or small business credit cards.

Points are awarded as expenses are paid for thereby offering equal opportunity to cardholders signed up to the WorldPoints reward program.

WorldPoint® Reward Categories

Cardholders needing to redeem points have the following reward categories to choose from:

Gift Cards/Certificates

Gift certificates are the easy way for a rewards recipient to honor his friends, family, or himself with choice gifts. As a cardholder attains the minimum number of points necessary to redeem a gift card, he becomes eligible to receiving gifts and discounts from restaurant, hotel, electronics, office supply, groceries and much more WorldPoint affiliate merchants. Gift cards are not personalized meaning they can be redeemed and shipped to a preferred recipients address.

Travel & Cruise

WorldPoint offers discounted expenses for air and cruise related travel. As from 25,000 points travel rewards to a preferred destination within the 48 U.S. continental states becomes available at no additional cost. For couples wishing to go on a vacation cruise, 25,000 points rewards a $250 discount while 10,000 points rewards a $100 discount off cruise related expenses. Other cardholders without enough points to qualify for free travel may compensate the difference with a World Point credit card and receive points in the process.

Cash Rebates

Cash rebates are probably the reward option for numerous cardholders. Cash rewards are delivered through checks payable to the cardholder. World Point has a specific cash conversion rate for different points accumulated. The table below states the conversion for each number of points accumulated.

Number of Points Equivalent Cash Reward
2,500 $12.50
5,000 $25.00
7,500 $37.50
10,000 $80.00
15,000 $120.00
20,000 $160.00
25,000 $250.00
35,000 $350.00
50,000 $500.00


Merchandise rewards to cardholders having a minimum 2,500 points include items by Sony, Bose, and Nikon amongst other reputable merchants. Reward recipients using standard shipping get merchandise at no additional cost.

Car Rental & Hotel

Cardholders redeem points for credit to be used on car rental and hotel related expenses. A minimum 5,000 points must be available to qualify. Each 5,000 points awards a $50 credit. More points are redeemable in batches of 5,000.

WorldPoint Reward Features

World Point has special features built to provide all-round satisfaction and flexibility through which a cardholder may receive and redeem rewards. Some features include:

WorldPoint® Mall

Each merchant on the WorldPoint Mall rewards a certain number of bonus points for each $1 spent. The mall includes items from reputable affiliate merchants like The Home DepotĀ®, eBags, Vivre,, and many more.


Cardholders seeking professional assistance with travel preparations receive such assistance through the MyConcierge service. A professional concierge firm handles MyConcierge with concierge services including dinner reservations, tickets to special events, and transportation bookings as part of rewards options on the WorldPoint rewards program. Cardholders can redeem points to compensate costs incurred through MyConcierge.

Ultimate Access

Ultimate access offers niche rewards separate from other rewards awarded by World Point. Rewards include special memorabilia, and access to unique events.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a feature of online banking that permits a WorldPoint cardholder to automate payments for recurrent bills at no extra cost. Cardholders may also schedule payments to be made in future. All transactions through Bill Pay receive reward points.

Easy Ways to Earning WorldPoint Rewards

The only way a cardholder gets to enjoy full benefits of a credit card reward program is by staying creative. By scheduling to pay recurring monthly expenses such as utility, internet, phone and insurance bills, a cardholder earns points and avoids having to pay with cash. Patronizing the World Point mall will also help gather points faster than usual.

Highlights of the World Point reward program are:

  • 1 point is awarded per $1 spent on an eligible purchase
  • Purchases from WorldPoint® mall receive bonus points as high as 10 points per $1 spent
  • Merchandise rewards are available as from 2,500 points
  • Gift certificates are transferable from a Cardholder to his desired recipient
  • No blackout dates for travel exists
  • Points gathered can be monitored through billing cycle statements and online
  • Points expire after 5 years.

Some Bank of America Cards offered with World Point rewards are:

  • Bank of America Visa Signature World Points Rewards Card
  • Bank of America World Points Platinum Plus Master Card
  • Fidelity Investments Rewards Visa Card with World Points

To view more credit cards with World Points rewards feature please visit World Point Rewards page.

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