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Thank You Reward Network Overview

27 November 2008 by CreditCardsCo™

ThankYou free rewards network from Citibank® aims to reward cardholders with credit and debit cards issued by the sponsors. It provides an easy, friendly online interface through which eligible credit or debit cardholders can monitor ThankYou points and redeem points for rewards whenever they choose. Cardholders registered to Thank You are given points as they go about their everyday purchases.

Thank You has an online retail store with participating retailers, and cardholders get even more points as they spend. Each reward on Thank You has an attached number of points needed to redeem such reward. As member gathers points, they become eligible to redeem more and more prizes including cash rewards.

ThankYou® Reward Categories

ThankYou reward categories enable eligible members locate and redeem rewards faster. Basically, there are four categories from which an eligible cardholder can locate and pick his desired rewards:

Travel & Experience

Cardholders can redeem points for travel certificates, discounts on hotel, cruise, flight, resort and other related purchases.


ThankYou offers a large range of product rewards and since a recipient chooses rewards according to how many points he has, there's liberty to pick rewards of any kind. Product rewards are categorized under Eco-friendly, Electronics, Games & Toys, Health & Beauty, Home Living, Jewelry & Accessories, Luxury, Media, Pet Supplies, and Sporting & Outdoor categories. The only thing left is to browse or search, locate a desired reward and redeem it.

Gift Cards

Gift cards offer a higher level of flexibility when redeeming rewards. Gift cards on Thank You could be applied towards dining, gas, retail, entertainment, electronics, or Eco-Friendly expenditures. The beauty of a typical gift card crops up when a desired reward isn't available on the Thank You site or when a friend has to receive a special gift. All that's needed is to order the gift card, walk into a valid retailers store and receive a discount equivalent to the gift card. Ritz-Carlton $100 Currency costs 10,000 ThankYou points, while the $100 Omaha Steaks® Gift Certificate costs 9,000 Thank You points. With these gift cards in hand; a $100 discount is applicable whenever purchases are carried out through any of these providers.

Cash, Savings & Charity

Cardholders can settle to redeem ThankYou points for cash rewards, saving & charitable giving. Thank You points could also be redeemed for rebates on a student loan.

Thank You Points Offer

The ThankYou online shopping mall offers special points as items are purchased from participating retailers on the ThankYou Network. Cardholders using credit or debit cards without the Thank You network may also receive Thank You points as they purchase on the site. Here's a list of participating retailers with the number of ThankYou points awarded for a $1 purchase.

Participating Retailer ThankYou Points (*per $1 spent)
Radio Shack 2
Dell 2
Gap 3
Hard Rock Café 3
Brooks Brothers 3
Kiehl's 3
Saks Fifth Avenue 3
Old Navy 3
The Golf Warehouse 3
HP 3
iTunes 3
Land's End 4
Avon 4
Overstock (dot) com 4
Puntans Pride 6
Target 4
Shoe Buy 11

ThankYou Rewards Search

ThankYou has rewards search feature that allows members for their preferred rewards by toggling one or more of three input options (points range, reward category, and reward keyword.)

Customized Rewards

ThankYou rewards are beneficial to members' direct needs. In this regard, members can make use of Thank You's Your Wish Fulfilled rewards customization feature to personalize rewards according to their specific desires.

Redeem Rewards

To become members, cardholders with eligible credit or debit cards have to register on the ThankYou site. Completing the registration process then reveals an interface from where points accumulated could be monitored and redeemed for rewards.

We decided to write this overview on the ThankYou network to enlighten our readers on the rewarding possibilities this unique reward program offers. One of the major reasons anyone would be drawn to this program is the sear ease with which cardholders are able to an eye out for points as they grow and redeem points for rewards. The online interface almost entirely eliminates the need to call or send emails to card rewards specialist.

The following Credit cards come on the ThankYou network:

To view more credit cards with Thank You rewards feature please visit Thank You Rewards page.

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