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Control Card Costs With The Travelocity Rewards American Express Card

April 15, 2015 by CreditCardsCo™

The Travelocity Rewards American Express Card is a card that is designed to make travel more affordable by rewarding customers for their card use. Through no annual fee, reasonable fees, and low APR in addition to the savings, the cardholder saves.

Many cardholders throughout the United States are held down by their credit card companies. They have fees that they cannot get away from and other costs that seem to make paying off their bills difficult. The Travelocity Rewards American Express Card gives cardholders the control that they want.

First of all, cardholders earn points for every dollar that they spend on the card. There is some flexibility in how these points are earned. For instance, cardholders receive 1 point for every dollar spent on everyday purchases. However, the card earns three points for every dollar spent when the purchase is a Travelocity purchase. Qualifying Travelocity purchases include Good Buy and Top Secret Hotels, Flights, and Flight and Hotel packages on None of the purchases made can be returned, disputed, or rescinded. If they are, then the points for that purchase are lost.

When you redeem your points, you redeem them for statement credits that can be used for Travelocity purchases for vacation packages, flights, and hotels. This is a way in which you can save on your travel. Whether you like to travel a lot or a little, every little bit that you can save on your trip will make a difference to your wallet. Doing this also enables you to use the points you earn from paying for one trip on the card on a future trip. Every little bit that is spent on the card can make a difference in how much you save. Being that cardholders have a little more control over cost than average, the savings becomes somewhat steeper.

Bonus Points

To get you started toward earning points, you are given bonus points upon first use of the card. The points are awarded at the close of the first billing statement. If the card is used for purchases totaling a specific amount within the first 90 days of opening the account, an additional round of bonus points are added to the account. It is possible to receive up to $100 in rewards within the first 90 days of having the account in just bonus points alone. This is a way in which you can start moving toward your point goals.

Fewer Fees

The Travelocity Rewards card is issued and administered by Barclays Bank Delaware. What Barclay's has done through this partnership with Travelocity and American Express is offer a card with as few fees as possible. Of course, there are the standard transaction and penalty fees. However, what the card does not have is an annual fee. For a rewards card, this is very significant in that many rewards card issuers charge annual fees to fund rewards programs. On the other hand, card companies that do not typically charge annual fees will charge higher interest rates on purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances.

There are still the standard fees associated with balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions. The fee for each of these transactions is charged as a percentage of the transaction. Cash advances and balance transfers also have their own APRs. This is standard within the industry. And while there is a late fee and a returned payment fee, there is not a fee for going over the credit limit. This is because the card prevents you from being able to use more money than what is available on your card. This means that if a late fee caused the card balance to go over the limit, the card company will not charge an over-the-limit fee. However, a returned payment that results in a late payment can lead to both a late fee and returned payment fee being charged.

If a payment is late, there is a penalty APR that is imposed. This penalty APR may be imposed indefinitely, depending on the discretion of the card issuer.

Manage Your Account

One of the most valuable tools that you will use in the management of your account is the ability to manage the account online. You can view your balance, your available credit, and you can view transactions. The ability to view transactions, statements, and other details is a great way to identify any fraudulent activities on your account so you can report them to Barclays as soon as possible.

You can also use the Calculate Your Rewards tool so you can establish point goals and find out how much money you need to spend to meet those goals. For instance, you can earn an approximate total of 5,070 points if you use your card to spend $1,170 on and then $1,560 in everyday purchases. This translates into over $50 in rewards. In other words, this has just discounted the purchases that you made with your card, giving you a little something back for using it.

If you decide to pay off your account balance within the 23 days after the closing of your billing cycle so you can avoid interest on purchases, you still earn the points for those purchases. This is a way in which you can earn points without having to pay interest. Interest on cash advances and balance transfers still apply even when you pay the balance off in full. It is the purchase APR that is not applied to the account when you pay off the entire balance before your due date.


The Travelocity Rewards American Express Card is a card that has no annual fee, few fees, and the opportunity to have very competitive APR on purchases and balance transfers. Due to the low cost and the ability to earn rewards, there is plenty of opportunity to save on travel.

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