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Chase Marriott Premier Card Rewards Frequent Travelers

15 November 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

The Chase Marriott Premier Credit Card is definitely worth taking a look at if you want a new credit card. If you take the time to research into this you will see that this offers bonus points on various levels and a decent rewards package.

Marriott Premier Rewards

One of the things everyone looks for when they opt for a credit card is what they will get out of it. Obviously credit cards can get you into trouble if you are not careful which is why rewards are so important to any credit card company trying to sell their product. Straight away when you sign up for this particular credit card you get offered the chance to attain extra points as soon as you make your initial purchase.

Plus, in addition you will get a free night in order to stay at a Marriott hotel once a year. So as long as you keep renewing your card each year then you will be given a free night every year. There exists a program in place that rewards you on three separate levels.

These levels are as follows:

  • 5 points per $1 spent at any Marriott location
  • 2 points per $1 spent towards airline travel
  • 2 points per $1 spent when eating out
  • 2 points per $1 spent on car rentals
  • 1 point per $1 spent on all your other purchases

Holders of this specific credit card earn more points for going out and travelling than purchases which are a bonus for those that want to move about. There is also no limit per year or expiration. Once you stay at a Marriott hotel for seven nights you can earn another load of bonus points.

Different Status Levels Available

When you choose this premium credit card you can achieve different status levels the more purchases you make and subsequently the more money you spend in the process. You will be able to receive free and reduced prices on stays at Marriott locations up and down the country. After spending a certain amount of money that will be laid out to you at the start you can move up to elite status.

The catch is that you do have to get to this every year to make sure you keep this status. One of the advantages of this card is that when you use this for a stay at Marriott hotel you will already start to earn points back immediately. It is something that is particularly attractive with this card in that you can start earning again right from the start of applying for this card.

Benefits of the Marriott Premier Credit Card

If you love to travel then this credit card is definitely one to investigate as it rewards airline travel and staying away in hotels for example. If you do spend a lot of time in hotels then you will see the advantages straight away. If you stay in Marriott Hotels then it is even better as the rewards will be higher. You will be able to earn points and save money on future stays. You will also get first choice on promotions and bonuses. The initial bonus points that you receive when applying for the credit card makes this very favorable but will not be around forever. So you do need to act quickly when deals like this come up so as not to miss out on the benefits on offer.

Annual Fees for Marriott Premier Credit Card

Not all credit cards have an annual fee but with the premier credit card from Chase there is an annual fee that you will need to pay if you want to earn points quicker. The annual fee is not too much if you use the card enough to benefit owning it. If you do not use it enough then the fee and card may not be worth having to use. There are not too many cards that offer the rewards for travelling that this card entitles you to.


There are not too many credit cards right now that offer the sorts of rewards that this credit card does. If you love to travel abroad and stay at hotels regularly then this is the card for you and is well worth trying out.

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