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Credit Monitoring Applications: Selected Credit Monitoring Apps for iPhone & Android

Anyone who has access to a smartphone, or any other mobile device which uses applications or 'apps' will be able to confirm that there are apps available related to almost anything you can think of. While some apps may seem pretty pointless, there are plenty of them available which can prove to be very valuable. One particular group of apps which can make a huge difference to consumers are credit monitoring apps.

There is an increasing number of instances of identity fraud being committed in the United States every year. Consumers are being warned by banks and lenders on a near daily basis to protect their personal information and financial details to avoid identity theft and/or credit card fraud. One way in which consumers can eliminate, or at the very least greatly reduce, the risk of identity theft is by using a credit monitoring service.

It is possible for consumers to undertake credit monitoring on their own but it can be a time consuming, and indeed expensive, task. While credit monitoring services have been offered online for some time, it is the growing number of credit monitoring apps for smartphones and mobile devices which have made the service most accessible.

Credit monitoring apps look at a number of areas on a daily basis including credit file changes, applications for credit, new accounts being opened, address changes, recent inquiries, and fraudulent activity. They then alert the user of any activity which might indicate a threat. This allows consumers to stop identity theft and fraud before it occurs.

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