GE Money Bank

GE Money Bank:  

Formerly known as GE Consumer Finance, GE Money was established over 75 years ago during the great depression. One of its primary goals then was to facilitate and provide financing for consumers seeking to purchase home appliances. GE Money is a sub division of General Electric with its headquarters in London U.K. GE Money specializes in providing finance by way of credit, loans and debt consolidation facilities to its customers - personal and small to medium scale businesses. GE Money offers a number of finance products and services. These include private label or branded credit cards, bank cards, personal loans, business loans, home equity loans, auto loan and leases, debt consolidation and credit insurance and providing credit insurance. As at 2007, GE Money claims to operate in 55 countries and a customer base of 130 million customers. It's the world’s largest third party vendor for finance programs.

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