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How Do I Keep My Ex From Running Up Credit Card Debt On A Joint Account?

27 November 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

First it's never a good idea to set up a joint account with your ex-spouse or partner. Initially it seems like a really good idea but there are reasons why you should avoid doing this. The major reason is when one of you gets behind in the monthly payments, the credit history of not one but both will be affected. But if you have already set up a joint account and are now facing a situation of separation or break up, then you should follow some tips to prevent your ex from putting you in debt.

What Is The First Step You Should Take To Prevent Your Ex From Running Up Credit Card Debt?

As a joint or partial owner of the account, you cannot stop your spouse from using the credit card. You can not even close the account or cancel the credit card if you are not the primary account holder. You can send a letter to the credit card company telling them that your name should be removed from the account. If possible, pay off your remaining payments so that they have a reason to remove you from the account.

Can You Consider Setting Up Single Account?

Yes, certainly banks these days will help you create two single accounts. Hence you and your ex can divide the amount in half by transferring the money into two separate accounts. You can divide the monthly repayments evenly to avoid any disputes.

What If Your Ex Refuses To Cooperate With You?

If your ex refuses to cooperate, which is likely to happen in most cases, then you should consider setting up your own relationship with the credit card company. Make sure that the monthly payments are being deducted in a timely manner and your ex is not running up huge bills. If your bills are not returned on time then both you and your ex will start earning a bad credit score.

What If You Have Not Made Monthly Payments on The Joint Account?

If you have not made the monthly payments then your credit score is likely to be affected. The advice would be to cancel all the contracts and close the joint account. Consider opening a new line of credit and keep up with all the deadlines, and you will notice you’re your credit score will gradually improve.

What To Do Legally To Avoid The Credit Card Debt From Your Ex?

If your ex has not made their regular payments, you can decide to sue them. Both of you were joint holders of the signed contract of the account and legally could be taken to court by your partner. But to be realistic, even if you end up winning the court case, it is really difficult to get the payments from your partners as there is no law which can force them to pay. To avoid all the legal issues and keep your credit card safe you should not open a joint account in the first place.


The article explains the steps you can do to prevent your ex from running up your credit card and the reasons why you should not setup a joint account with your partner. The solutions of various scenarios in which your ex can hurt you financially are explained. In the end, the conclusion of the article is that it is not a good idea to set up a joint account with your ex or even your spouse despite being in a happy and cordial relationship.

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