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Discover More Card - $100 Cashback Bonus

31 May 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

It should be obvious that the Discover More Card - $100 Cashback Bonus can quickly earn you cash rebates. The way you earn rewards, though, changes throughout the year, giving you creative options to spend your money and enjoy the credit experience.

In the United States, credit is one of those things that you don't necessarily need to have, but it creates a lot of options and freedom if you do. The right credit card can make cash available to you when you need it or simply provide you with the convenience of purchasing things without having to carry cash.

Many consumer favorites, though, include benefits like airline miles, cash back rebates, or other similar rewards. The Discover More Card - $100 Cashback Bonus, though, provides, simply, more options for earning cash rebates.

Cash Back Benefits

Cutting to the chase, the Discover More Card - $100 Cashback Bonus can help you to earn cash back quickly and easily. In general, you can earn cash back in the most popular consumer categories, depending on the time of year. This is always subject to change, but you could find yourself appreciating this benefit if you use your card towards:

  • Travel engagements and restaurants from January to March
  • Grocery and Drug stores during the month of March
  • Home and Fashion trends from April to June
  • Gas, hotel, movie theatres, and theme parks from July to September
  • Restaurants and fashion purchases from October to December.

As you can see, simply taking a family vacation during the summer months, when most families do, will likely earn you the maximum cash back bonus available. In general, though, there is a minimum amount of money that you need to spend during these periods, but most of the time you will find this to be quite easy to do. What might be more important, though, is that you can get the $100 cashback bonus by simply making a minimum number of purchases within the first three months.

Interest Rates

The Discover More Card not only provides you with superior cash back rewards options, but you will also enjoy extremely low introductory interest rates. For instance, your annual percentage rate could save you a lot of money for the first six months.

If you already have a few credit cards, you could save even more money by consolidating all of their balances onto your new Discover More Card. The balance transfer option allows you to take advantage of the same or similar low rates as standard purchases, but will last twice as long! For twelve months, you could enjoy a supremely low introductory interest rate on balance transfers.

Introductory rates do end, though, so you should be aware that your interest rate will change when your introductory periods end. Depending on the market prime rate at the time as well as your personal financial history and income status, your rate could be highly competitive among comparable cards or it could be quite similar.

Other Features and Benefits

Another attractive feature of the Discover More Card with Cashback Bonus is that it has no annual fee. This seems to be somewhat common among Discover credit cards and it is certainly a welcome feature to anyone looking to save money.

You might also appreciate that you can avoid paying interest with this card. Simply pay off your new charges within the grace period after the close of each billing period and no interest will be charged to your account. This something that many of the best cards on the market today offers, so you should take comfort in knowing that it is available here as well.

You can also use your Discover card for cash advances and even foreign exchange purposes. Of course, there are minimum fees assessed to each of these benefits, but that is also to be expected. You should know, though, that these fees are somewhat minimal.

Final Word

All in all, the Discover More Card - $100 Cashback Bonus provides a creative and fun way to earn cash back rebates. The card itself saves you money too, with no annual fee and extremely low introductory rates on balance transfers and standard purchases.

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