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Credit Card Applications: Selected Credit Card Apps for iPhone & Android

One of the best things about the new mobile technology generation is the bevy of personal finance apps that are available. Among these, mobile banking is very popular, but so are mobile credit card applications. Mobile credit card applications act a lot like online banking systems, allowing you to access your account information, schedule and make payments, develop a budget, and simply manage all other aspects of your money without interrupting your daily life.

The trend toward mobile banking is on the rise, with nearly 75 million mobile payment users in 2009. By 2012, the number of mobile payment users is estimated to reach 190 million! As you might expect, Asian and Pacific markets are expected to capture most of the early growth with North America following suit in the years after. Of course, in North America, the iPhone seems to have the most apps available, but the Android market and Blackberry App world are expanding as well.

Credit card companies have launched several different kinds of apps for their customers. Wells Fargo, for instance, lets their customers view their recent transactions and payment due dates. The Citi Mobile app allows cardholders to check their balances as well. Chase Bank, though, offers its customers a mobile application that tweaks their existing full and mobile web interfaces. If you are a customer of Chase Bank, you can not only check your balances and follow due dates, but you can also investigate recent purchases, your last statement balance, and view recent purchases and upcoming payment amounts.

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