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The Priceline Rewards Visa Card Helps Travelers

February 1, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

Shopping with the Priceline Rewards Visa Card gives you more options. You can earn points with every purchase and enjoy various other benefits. With an online application, you can find out if you are approved in a matter of seconds.

Earning Points With Priceline

One of the primary benefits with this card is the ability to earn points. You will earn points with every dollar that you charge to the Visa. Since you have the Visa logo on your card, you can spend almost anywhere. Millions of merchants around the globe accept the card. You can use it at gas stations, grocery stores, online and even over the phone.

At least one point per dollar will be earned. You can also earn more points for every dollar when you buy Name Your Own Price items on There are also bonus earning opportunities when you first get the card. This means that if you make a qualifying purchase during the introductory period, you can be given even more points to get you started.

When you earn the points, you will be able to keep earning until you reach the desired level. There is no cap to what you can earn in a calendar year. The rewards you can get will make traveling more affordable. You can opt for hotel stays, car rentals and even free airline tickets. Some other rewards can simply make other things in your life more affordable. The rewards can be used to get gift cards or you can get a statement credit so you can pay for items that you have already purchased on the card. This gives you the freedom to choose the benefits you want throughout the year.

Other Card Benefits

There are many other card benefits for you to take advantage of as well. With no annual fee, you get all the benefits at no cost to you. They are all available to you without you having to do anything - and they are available all year long.

  • Power of Visa
  • Fraud protection
  • Customer service
  • Online account tools

When you have the power of Visa in your wallet, you are able to buy all around the globe. You never have to worry about a merchant not accepting Visa if they accept credit cards. You can even use the card at ATM machines when you need cash. There are also other features that come with having a Visa, such as emergency card replacement. This means that if your card is lost or stolen, a new card can be sent out to you quickly – no matter where on the planet you are when the card goes missing.

Fraud protection is included on the card as well. You can make purchases knowing that your information is protected. The bank monitors your account 24/7 to ensure that there is nothing questionable going on. If something questionable appears, such as two charges appearing from two locations on the same date, you will be contacted to confirm the activity. If your account ever has a charge on it that you didn't authorize, you wouldn't be the one to pay for the charges.

Customer service is always available to you 24/7. Live representatives can answer your questions when you call on the toll free number. You can ask about account features, question charges or even request a credit line increase. On the toll free number, there is also an automated message that you can listen to in order to get account details. Another option to contact customer service representatives is to contact them online.

There are many online account tools that you can use. You can manage your account over the internet at your convenience. With 24/7 access, you never have to wonder what your balance is or what your available credit is. You don't have to wait for your statement to arrive in the mail. It can be seen online and even downloaded to your computer. Your bill can be paid online and scheduled in advance so you don't have to write a check or put it in the mail. It's also possible to look up past purchases and past statements to be able to manage your finances more effectively.

All of the tools provided on the account are for your convenience. Some will save you money, others will save you time. All of them are available at all times without you having to do anything special to access them.

How To Apply For The Card

You will be able to apply for the card online. The application is available at all times for your convenience. You can choose to fill out the application at home, at work or anywhere you have an internet connection. When completing the application, you will need to enter your billing information, your social security number as well as employment information. A check will be done to verify your personal information and a credit check will be conducted.

A credit decision is usually provided to you in under one minute. If approved, your Visa card will be sent out to you in about a week. You will have the opportunity to request additional cards for family members as well. When you activate the card, your benefits will begin immediately.

There is no fee to apply for the card. If for any reason you don't get approved online, you will receive a copy of the decision by mail. You can then always choose to reapply later on.


You need to be in control of your travel plans. You don't have to spend a lot of money on vacations and Priceline is proof of that. With the Rewards Visa credit card, you can save on travel even more. There are perks that make it easy to manage your money, too.

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