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How Do I Get The Best Credit Card Deal?

4 March 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

It is possible to save money by getting a good credit card deal. Of course, you can hunt them down yourself but you can actually negotiate with your current card companies to try and get a better rate or increased benefits. Many people find that this is beneficial to them.

Among all of the benefits that your credit card is likely to provide, none may be better than loyalty privileges. When you have been with a credit card company for a long time, they will tend to take care of you, especially if they want to keep you as a customer.

Everyone is looking to save money these days, and if you are one of them, you might want to consider using the tools you already have at your disposal. This includes your credit cards, which can save you money if you simply know how to use them.

Getting a good deal on a credit card is much like anything else. It takes a little research and some extra effort but it's usually worth it.

The Research

If you want to find something, the first thing you need is the right information. In order to find the right information you need to know where to look. Obviously, then, you will probably think of looking online. The internet can be a great tool for rounding up a broad amount of information in a short amount of time. There are several things that you should look at:

  • Fees
  • Fixed-rate vs. variable-rate
  • Grace periods
  • Benefits


There is one thing that you should know about fees and that is that credit card companies can charge you up to 25% of your total credit line in fees within the first year. These charges can appear as an annual fee, transfer fees, account setup, application, or processing fees. The "best deal" will be the one that charges you the fewest fees as applicable to your credit needs. You may be able avoid certain charges or fees simply by finding a card that charges the least. Other companies have lower annual fees, etc. You can actually negotiate with credit care companies sometimes and get these fees reduced or even waived!


Obviously, credit card interest rates are very important. This is the main source of profit for credit card companies, and they are the one thing that is, generally, solely dependent on your creditworthiness. The better your credit is, as you might expect, the lower the available rates could be.

However, you should remember that variable rates can change. Variable rates often follow introductory rates, which are usually drastically lower than traditional rates. Introductory rates are designed to attract you to a new credit card. If you know how to take advantage of introductory rates before they expire, you can save some money.

Grace Periods

Credit cards also have grace periods for receiving your payment. The various lengths of time can be beneficial to you because once the grace periods expire, fees start to accrue.


Every credit card is designed to offer particular benefits that appeal to different groups of consumers. These benefits come at a price, though, as you might save on specific types of purchases, but pay a higher rate on others. Knowing how to identify which cards provide the exact benefits that you need will help you to get a better deal in the end.

Final Word

If you want a good deal on a credit card, you need to be educated and prepared. Know what you are looking for and how credit card companies apply fees and interest rates. With the right information you can make a better decision.

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