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Achieve Spending Freedom With The ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card

January 15, 2015 by CreditCardsCo™

When it comes to housing your money and spending it, you want to have freedom to place your money where you want it. You also want to have a choice when it comes to the fees that you pay to maintain that account. That's what the ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card does for you.

The ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card gives you flexibility and the power of Visa without having to have a credit card. The card is easy to obtain, as you simply fill out a short online application with your basic information. You do have to be at least 18 years of age and a U.S. resident to receive the card. You can use it as a replacement for your bank account or as a card that supplements your account.

It is a very easy card to receive due to their being no credit check, you can use it for free direct deposit just like you would with a regular bank account, and it can even help you get your tax refund faster because of the fact that direct deposit is free.

In addition to the ease of receiving the card and the ability to set up free direct deposit, you also have fee plan options. There is the pay-as-you-go plan, which has no monthly fee. In lieu of the monthly fee, a small fee is charged per signature transaction and per PIN transaction. However, frequent use of the card may warrant the ACE Elige FeeAdvantage Plan, which includes signature and PIN transactions. The same goes for the ACE Elite with Direct Deposit, which has the lowest monthly fee because of opting into direct deposit. Overall, it is very simple to keep track of.

There are other costs associated with the card, but you do have control over those costs. For example, you can choose whether or not to use the card internationally or not. There is a small foreign transaction fee that is attached to every international use of the card. The fee for purchases is charged as a small percentage of the transaction, whereas ATM transactions are a set fee amount.

The fee schedule is rather simple to follow, making the card easy to manage. This management is made easy through online account management in the online Account Center. Customer service is also available to help when needed.

Online Account Center

The online Account Center is completely free to use when managing the account. You can avoid balance inquiry fees or the risk of a declined ATM transaction, which results in a small charge. You can also transfer money from your bank account to your card and do account-to-account transfers for free. Performing account-to-account transfers with the help of a customer service representative will result in a charge to the card.

Much of what customer service can take care of; it can be taken care of online. This means that an accountholder can check their card details at any time, including seeing transactions. This is a great way to manage the account at anytime from anywhere. If you have a smartphone, the account can be accessed through the browser so that it can be checked while on the go.

Reloading The Card

In order to have money to use on the card, it has to be deposited. This is simple through free direct deposit. You are given the necessary information to give your employer so they can direct deposit your paycheck into your account. You can also log into your Account Center in order to transfer money from your bank account. You can also visit a NetSpend reload location and have your account reloaded on the spot. The fees that are associated with NetSpend location reloads will vary based on the location.

You are also able to do card-to-card transfers. If someone else in your household has an ACE card or a friend has an account and they wish to send you money, they can do so. There are many ways in which you can receive money into your account so that you can use it to pay bills and make retail purchases with. You can use it just like you do the debit card that is attached to your bank account.

Making Payments With The Card

Bills can also be paid with the card. If you wish to engage in the free bill payment service, you can. There are a number of options that include preauthorized payment transactions/ACH debit. If there are any fees that apply to any of the bill pay transactions, then they will be charged just as they would be for any other transactions not made by the service. If a bill pay transaction is declined, there is a small fee for this. There is also a fee if you decide to stop the payment of a transaction.

Cash Withdrawals

There are different ways to withdraw money from your card. You can withdraw money via an ATM machine, from a bank teller, and you can also visit one of the many ACE stores and withdraw cash that way. Of course, you can also withdraw cash through the making of purchases and paying bills. How you are charged for your usage depends on the fee plan that you choose. Pay-as-you-go charges a small fee per transaction, whereas you can choose a monthly fee plan that eliminates the per transaction fee.

ATM withdrawals and bank teller withdrawals will always come with a fee. If you choose to use the card internationally, you will find that the fees apply. However, the ATM fee is going to be higher than it is domestically. Nonetheless, you can use the card anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

Final Word

The ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card gives flexibility when loading the account, when spending money in the account, and when managing it. It behaves much like a traditional debit card, but without many of the hassles and with fee plans that you choose. If that is the type of freedom you are looking for, then this may be the card that you are looking for.

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