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Miles Rewards vs. Points Rewards

16 March 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

Understanding the difference between a reward credit card and an ordinary credit card is crucial. Many folk consider them to be the same. This ignorance comes because there are only a few sources of information about the difference between the two cards.

However, the difference is simple. By using the rewards card instead of a normal credit card, you will get some other bonuses. You have to pay back the money eventually, but with the rewards you earn by spending money with this type of credit card, you will get some pretty awesome things.

Each time you spend money from the rewards card, you mostly earn points, miles or cash. These rewards you can exchange for great benefits.

Winners and Losers

Miles rewards are really interesting. The option to earn flight miles just by spending money is really worth mentioning. Imagine that you are planning a trip in three months to Spain. By using the rewards card, you may get one of the tickets for free.

The free miles sound really attractive, especially for people that are addicted to traveling. Possibly for them there is no greater reward than that. Also, this is another technique for saving money. One ticket to Spain may cost you more than $500. This ticket will be yours because you have spent the money by using the miles rewards card.

Also, some companies suggest the possibility of earning not only flight miles but other things as well. Depending on how you pay back the money, you may get a laptop, purse, and etc. They are useful things especially for travelers.

This is the main idea of this project -- to create a nice and peaceful voyage. You may enjoy using your brand new laptop while you are flying to some little known country. All this will be absolutely free because you have chosen to use a rewards card instead of a regular credit card.

There are folks who are not interested very much in traveling and prefer to get their hands on something that they can touch, feel, smell, and see everyday. For these people, it is wise to choose to get points rewards. The system is pretty similar to the miles scheme.

You spend money from your rewards card and that way you earn points. These points are at your disposal and you can do whatever you like with them. For instance, you may choose one of the great products, which are available for you in the point scheme. You can choose from great variety of things including: cell phones, chocolates, books, magazine, WI-FI systems, and even tickets to concerts, shows, and parties.

This option is oriented to people who are not interested in traveling but they want to spend some quality time doing other things. You can choose to take one of cell phones and give it as a present to your girlfriend. The varieties of different options that are at your disposal are many. You can let your imagination do the job for you.

The system works like that

You spend money by using your rewards card. You need to pay back the money at the end of the month otherwise you are close to a painful headache. By spending the money, you will gain the precious points that you need. The system is simple and you can easily handle it.

The point system is very good for people that call themselves practicians. You can get anything you need, absolutely free. The only thing that you need to do is to buy other things with your rewards card.

Final Battle

To choose whether you want points or miles rewards, you must have pretty clear idea in your head and you must know exactly what you are going to do in the next couple of months, a year or so. This is a decision that you should talk over with your wife, husband, or child. Because of the wise decision you are going to make, you may save some money.

This money may be put in an account to help your child's future education. The careful planning is crucial for everything, including this area. If you are still young and interested in traveling a lot, then the miles option is far better for you. Adjusting is what makes perfection. If you do not have the time to travel, then it better to choose the point scheme so that you can pick something that you will actually use. Adjust and you will do perfectly.

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