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What is READY Debit Visa Card?

1 July 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Save Time with READY Card

You work hard for your money and you deserve to have access to it when you need it. The READYDebit Prepaid Card grants you that access at over a million ATM's worldwide. However, because they are associated with Visa Credit Services, you can also use it anywhere that Visa is accepted, including the internet. This grants you nearly unlimited access to your money in a variety of capacities, which is far more convenient than waiting in line at the bank. That is, of course, if you can make it to the bank while they are open. It also helps you to avoid wire and account transfers that can take days to process.

One of the best benefits of the READYDebit Visa Card is the free online services. You can check and manage your account online, as well as sign up for free online bill pay. If you choose to set up direct deposit you can schedule all of your payments according to your deposits. This saves you more time than you realize, freeing you up to do more of the things that you want to do and enjoy the money that you earned. Schedule savings deposits, too, and you won't have to go searching for cash when you need it later.

Save Money with READY Debit Card

Although not all of its services are completely free, the $4.95 monthly fee covers all of the maintenance and handling costs that give you so much freedom. National banks might claim that their checking accounts are free, but what happens if your payments are off for one month or you get slightly off track? You pay for it, and heavily, with overdraft fees that can keep you in the red. The READY Debit Prepaid Card doesn't have any overdraft fees. Along with the free online bill pay and free direct deposit services, you can also write checks online as well as utilize bank transfers via ACH.

The smaller your bank is, the more likely they are to charge for services that make the banking experience better. For instance, not every bank features free online access or free online bill pay for that matter. This means that even though their checking services are free, you still have to wait on hold or go into the bank to make a simple savings-to-checking account transfer. Is that really worth saving a couple extra bucks a month? Read more about READY Debit Credit Card fees at and you will see how well it competes with comparable services provider both larger, national and smaller, local banks.

Save Yourself the Trouble - Apply Now!

When it comes to banking, what you really want is a personal account caretaker. You don't want a bank to tell you how much money you need to keep in your account, or how much you are allowed to withdraw. You don't want to be charged for little things like talking to a teller or ordering checks. Simply provide your contact and employment information on the convenient online application and get ready for a new kind of banking experience. The whole catalog of services are described at where you can learn more about how to make a plan that best benefits you.

Nobody likes to pay for services that a bank should provide naturally, and the READY Debit Prepaid Credit Card, you can be sure that you will only for things that make your experience better, not operational. Again, most of the services are free, giving you the freedom to explore your financial options without risk and without concern for hidden or unexpected fees. You can take advantage of their convenient global ATM locations or in the free second card they provide for a spouse or child. No matter how you like to bank, you have the freedom to be yourself and choose the services that best serve you.

To apply for READYDebit Visa Prepaid Card click here.

READY Debit Visa Card Features

- 100% Approval - You Are APPROVED !
- No Credit Check or Income Verification
- Card Accepted Worldwide
- Free Direct Deposit
- 24x7 Customer Support - Online and Phone
- FDIC Insurance Prepaid Card
- Visa's Zero Liability Protection Against Fraudulent Use

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